This page introduces K.P.G.'s programs for foreign residents, living information, etc.

This webpage offers information to support foreign residents at the time of disaster.

Hello Kanagawa is a newsletter issued by Kanagawa Prefectural Government to provide living information for foreign residents.

This website gives the outline of Kanagawa Prefecture's taxes. The basic items of the prefectural taxes are taken up on this website. For details,please refer to the laws and ordinances.(Japanese only)

Kanagawa Volunteer Support Center was established on April 20, 1996. This page briefly introduces the purpose, function and facilities of the Center.

Kanagawa Women's Center is a prefectural facility to empower women and promote the equal participation of both women and men in every fields of the society.

Establishment and Activities
The Museum was established in March 1995, separated and developed from the natural history section of the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum in Yokohama. In addition to the exhibitions, the Museum conducts such work as survey and research on nature, and material collection and preservation. Utilizing these, it also carries out study support activities like lecture courses, observation sessions, etc.