Kanagawa Prefecture is located almost in the center of the Japanese Archipelago, sharing a boundary with Tokyo. It is 2,416 sq. km in area, making it the fifth smallest of the 47 prefectures in Japan.

As there are many people living in a limited land area, Kanagawa’s primary industry including agriculture, forestry and fisheries accounts for only a small part, 0.2%, of the gross prefectural product (FY ’09).

With the progress of urbanization, the transportation network, public service facilities and other urban facilities have been built up in the prefecture, making life very convenient for the residents. Concerning the type of building for housing, there are a large number of condominium and apartment buildings, accounting for 56.1% of the total, compared with 43.6% which are detached houses (FY ’08). This rate is the second highest after Tokyo.

Statistical data of Kanagawa Prefecture,geographic of Kanagawa.