A Guide to Kanagawa Volunteer Support Center : Kanagawa


Kanagawa Volunteer Support Center was established on April 20, 1996. This page briefly introduces the purpose, function and facilities of the Center.
* The Center offers information and consultation service on various kind of volunteer activities.
* The Center provides space for group meetings and discussion.
* The Center has printing machines and other equipment necessary for making leaflets,etc.

Available Facilities and Service

For volunteer activities ONLY.

Volunteer Meeting Rooms (6th and 7th floor)

There are 16 meeting rooms for those who are engaged in volunteer activities.

For reservation, https://yoyaku.e-kanagawa.lg.jp/Portal/Web/ . (Precede a reservation, a certain procedure is required.)

The rental fee of a room is \200 to \460 per hour.

Volunteer Salon (9th and 10th floor) & Working Corner (9th floor)

volunteer salon

The Volunteer salon is available free of charge, without reservation.

You can use the space as long as you like during the opening hours.

There are tables to be used for volunteer activities.

By "Volunteer Activities," we mean strictly voluntary, nonprofit, noncommercial activities that contribute to the public. Please do not use these tables for studying for examinations nor for your own amusement.

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an illustration of a user sheet

Please write down the name of the 'volunteer group' you belong to (or your name if you don't belong to any group/club) on a user sheet which is in the can on the table, and put it inside the clear case and make it seen while using the table.

Before you leave, please drop the sheet into the box in front of the elevators.

Please put tables and chairs back where you found them.

Take any food, drink, or other garbage with you.

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Printing machines, a pay copier and other equipment are available at the working corner.

Mail boxes and pay lockers are also available on a yearly rental bases. Registration necessary.

Following pay facsimile machines are available, too.

     Receiving-only facsimile machine: You can send your FAX letter to the Volunteer floor (045-312-1862), write the name of your organization and your mail box number. We will deliver it to your mail box.

     Transmission-only facsimile machine: You can send your letter through the machine which is connected to the public phone in front of the reception desk.

Working corner


Mail boxes

Volunteer information & Consultation Corner (9th floor)

Consultation services (Japanese only) are provided every afternoon 13:00 to 19:00 except Sundays & Holidays close at 17:00. Reservation is not necessary. Consultation over the telephone (extension 4112) and e-mails (Japanese form) are available, too.

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Opening Hours

Open from 9:00a.m. to 10:00p.m., 7 days a week.

Closed from December 29 to January 3, and on the designated cleaning/inspection days.


2-24, Tsuruya-cho 2, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa





JR Line,Keihin Kyuko Line,Toyoko Line,Minatomirai Line,Sotetsu Line

A five-minute walk from the Yokohama station West Exit,or a three-minute walk from its North-west Exit

Yokohama Municipal Subway

From the No.8 Exit of the Yokohama Subway Station go along the underground shopping center,turn left at the Central Mall,exit from the No.6 North Exit and walk for two minutes

access map to Kanagawa Volunteer Support Center


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