Introduction of Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand Products


“Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand Products”

 Kanagawa Prefectural Government selects and certifies items (goods and services) developed by Kanagawa-based companies with great contribution of women as “Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand Products”. A variety of items are certified, including food, living and cultural goods and services. Many of them are of high quality, created to be of service to users, and enrich lives of people.
We keep supporting active roles of women by widely promoting products certified as Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand Products.

1.Food and beverage

 (1)Seventh certification新規




Just Grilled 焼いてありますシリーズ Hayase no Himono Co., Ltd.

You can enjoy the taste of charcoal-grilled fish prepared by a professional cook by just microwaving for 60 seconds. No additive contained. Vacuum packed for long-term preservation.

The Rice Cake "Si-ffo-ne" siffone LOV Co., Ltd.

Gluten-free chiffon cake made from rice flour and soy milk. No wheat flour, egg, dairy product contained. Developed to respond to the needs of families with kids suffering from allergies.

Bitterless IPA bitterless South Yokohama Craft Beer Laboratory

Craft beer planned and brewed by a female brewer that can be enjoyed by women who do not like bitter beer. Rich in aroma with much less bitterness. 

Shonan Pomoron Daifuku shonanpomorondaifuku

Shonankaan Misuzu

Bunkyo University


Developed to promote Shonan Pomoron, a Kanagawa-born tomato. Confectionery shop Shonankaan Misuzu and students of Bunkyo University jointly created this brand-new product.

Ice Cream (Ice Milk) halalice1 ONO FARM LTD.

Ono Farm ice cream shop begun developing a new product for Muslim people long ago, and in June 2015, this product received halal certification from Nippon Asia Halal Association.

(2)Sixth certification




Yokohama Mirai 横濱みらい「西洋ミルクまんじゅう」 WISHBON CO.,LTD

White chocolate and condensed milk are kneaded into shiroan (white bean paste), which is then cooked for a long time. The bun with the shiroan filling, covered with a buttery and milky dough, is baked at high temperature for a short time. Enjoy the mild sweetness and the smooth taste of this Western-type Milk Manju.

Yokohama Vegetable Spice Curry

Spicy curry using no chemical seasonings. You can take half of the necessary amount of vegetable for a day from the curry. Easy and quick meal of well-balanced nutrition for a busy person.Wheat flour is not used. Delicious without heating.

(3) Fifth certification




Long-life & Delicious Cookies for Emergency 1 Company RORIAN

Delicious cookies that can be preserved for up to three years. Can be kept for emergencies.

3-min. cooking! Healthy brown rice PAN & Go 2 General incorporated association Smart Women's Community

Don’t you start healthy breakfast of instant brown rice PAN & Go? It’s easy to cook, just in 3 minutes in microwave or a frying pan.
Gluten free, rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. You can enjoy 3 kinds of tastes: Mushroom risotto, green vegetable and fried tofu, and 7vege paella.

Maguro Confit 3 Misaki Megumi Suisan Co., Ltd.

Confit made of albacore tuna landed at Misaki Port that is fresh enough to be served as sashimi

BENIBISHU 4 Saishoku Yakuzen Cooking School

Developed by a woman who holds medicinal cuisine class. Medicinal wine can be made by just adding the product to red wine. Add all the contents to a bottle of red wine and keep it at room temperature for 20days to 2months.Then just take all the solid contents out and the 紅美酒(Beni-Bi-Shu) can be served. Keep it in refrigerator and enjoy its herbal flavor.30~60ml per day is recommended for your health and beauty.

(4) Fourth certification





Equelle エクエル Otsuka

Health food to support women's health and beauty. Contains equol as a main component, which was made by fermenting soybean isoflavone.

Dressing Series for Cabbage キャベツがもっと食べたくなるドレッシングシリーズ KAKO CLUB KANAGAWA

Dressing to make vegetables more appetite stimulating

Gyugyutto Shibotta
ギュギュッと搾ったサングリア Mercian Corporation
Fujisawa Plant

Sangria developed based on the concept of "marriage of squeezed fruit juice and matching wine"

Yokohama Green Mandarin
Dressing with the scent of sun
and sea
青みかんドレッシング Hamandarina

Dressing made from juice of green mandarin (thinned fruit) grown in

Shonan Shirasu Chili Oil 湘南ラー油 Hatocoya LLC

Chili oil which is made to be good for health, highly nutritious using local/Japanese ingredients with no additives. This chili oil is originally made to be matched with gyoza Chinese dumpling, but you can also enjoy it as topping on pork, beef, chicken and fish dishes.

(5) Third certification





Fried Fish Paste with Sargassum Horneri あかもくのさつま揚

Inoue Kamaboko-ten Co., Ltd.

Fried fish paste mixed with locally grown Sargassum horneri and seasonal ingredients
Ebina Iroha Karuta 海老名いろはがるた Company RORIAN Assortment of western-style confectionery developed after a cultural property that appears in “Ebina Iroha Karuta (playing card)”
OKUSA Glucosamine Jelly 大草グルコサミンゼリー OKUSA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jelly that contains N-acetylglucosamine which has bioavailability three-times higher than the conventional one and Oitadori extract
PINE CUBE (PINEAPPLE CAKE) パインキューブ Kiyoken Co., Ltd Cube-shaped and one-bite sized cake with pineapple jam filling wrapped in cookie dough


ブラウンアンドホワイト The Mitsuhashi, Inc. Gift product of brown rice and white rice in small packages suitable for one meal

(6) Second certification




Citrus Sphaerocarpa Products Made in Nanasawa, Atsugi かぼすゼリー

Okashikobo Sala

Confectionery using citrus sphaerocarpa grown in Nanasawa, a rural settlement area near mountains in Atsugi

Okara Perfect Muffin


S Plannings Co., Ltd.

Confectionery using okara 

Ora Care®

オーラケア OKUSA
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Oral care tablet which contains patented ingredient to strengthen barrier function of saliva

Shirasu Dip (Baby Anchovy) しらすのディップ

Organaization Kao Kamakura


Long-life Japanese dip using Shirasu(baby anchovy), specialty of Kamakura

Lotus Root Products by Female Shop Owners in “Hon-kugenuma Lotus Pond Street Project”

れんこんパイ Hon-kugenuma Shopping Street Cooperative Confectionery and side dish developed by female shop owners using lotus root as a common ingredient to vitalize the shopping street

(7) First certification

Name   Company/Organization Description
KAGOME Anna Mamma Pasta-Sauces アンナマンマ


Kanagawa Branch

Pasta sauce using tomato

ULTRAMIX Pancake Mix ウルトラミックスパンケーキミックス HapBeeBee. co., Ltd.

Pancake mix with buttermilk made in Hokkaido which contains no flavoring, coloring agents and preservative,trans fat-free

F-Style Project Products


Fujiya Hotel co., ltd.

Box lunch and Fujiya Hotel’s original miniature teddy bear

LTJ H61-Bio LTJ H61-Bio LIKE TODO JAPAN Pharma Inc.

Functional food materials to prevent aging phenomena, such as osteoporosis, skin wrinkles and sagging

Limited Goods of Seasons and Events 宝製菓商品 Takaraseika Co., Ltd.

Confectionaries on the theme of seasonal events, such as Halloween, and ingredients

KIRIN FREE キリンフリー Kirin Brewery Company, Limited

Non-alcohol beer-taste beverage

Mulberry Tea “Toutorun” in Sagamihara


Sagamihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Women’s Club

Health tea using mulberry leaves grown in Sagamihara City which contains brown rice

Hyalurone Jelly“JUNKI”“KOUKI”


OKUSA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jelly for health and beauty of women that contains ultra-low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Fresh Whitebait with Soy Sauce しらすの沖漬け

Kamakura Dining

Whitebait fresh from the ocean marinated alive in a special sauce aboard the fishing boat

Japanese Sweets

(Scidmore Cherry Blossoms and Poem of Dogwood)
シドモア桜 Sanyo Print Co., Ltd.

Japanese-style confectionery created in commemoration of the Japan-US Cherry Blossom Centennial Exchange

Royal Blue Tea


Royal Blue Tea Japan Co., Ltd.

High-quality bottled Japanese tea

2.Living and cultural products

(1)Seventh certification新規




One-of -a-kind greeting card SAORI weaving さをり織り一点物グリーティングカード Eimuy

Greeting card made of Saori textile, which is woven by people with disabilities. This product was planned to assist welfare workshops, as well as to support social participation of mothers of the people with disabilities. All the process from planning, material procurement and design to production is conducted by the mothers.

(2)Sixth certification




Yugawara Spa.100% Pure Mist Lotion 湯河原温泉源泉100%ミスト Yugawara Bijin Yu Association Lotion mist full of minerals made of only water of Yugawara hot spring source. No preservative, alcohol, scent and coloring. Gives the skin plenty of moisture.
mati mati matimati ZENRIN CO.,LTD. A series of stationary with patterns of real maps. Consisting of a clear file, masking tape, note pad and tag sheets.

Preemie Undershirts

低出生体重児用肌着「orinas(オリナス)」 Baby Storia Underwear for low birth weight babies, which is one size smaller than (about two third the size of) those for newborn babies in general . Comes in vivid colors and fits well to the size of little babies.

(3) Fifth certification




Bodydoctor doctor long pillow 5 Global Industry Company Rectangular pillow big enough for an adult and child to sleep together. 100% natural latex.
Blackboard Wallpaper 6 DECORIA CO.,LTD. Wallpaper that can be used as a blackboard. You can make a drawing on it with chalk and erase it. Suitable for home with children who like to scribble on the wall. Also good for fancy interior.

"SHOKUSAI GARDEN Miura Vegetable Grow Kit
(Organic fertilizer made from ""Misaki Maguro"" tuna included.)"

7 onTheHammock LLC "SHOKUSAI GARDEN Miura Vegetable Grow Kit" includes organic fertilizer made from "Misaki Maguro" tuna. It reuses dregs generated in the process of freezing tuna, which is normally discarded. The product was made to promote Miura's fisheries and agriculture, the representative industries of the area.
Wetsuit Cloth Characters! 8 T-Kate International Key cases, etc. made from waste materials and fragments of neoprene fabric generated when making wet suits
Magnesium-Air Battery “MgBOX” 9 "The Furukawa Battery CO., LTD.
Yokohama head office"
The FURUKAWA ""MgBOX"", a magnesium-air battery for emergency use, has a large capacity and is preservable for a long time. The ""MgBOX"", charged only by filling water, can charge many portable electric devices including smartphones or supply power to them. The Great East Japan Earthquake inspired development of the ""MgBOX"".
Each Other's Happiness 10 WillFun Inc. Clothes and pajamas with zippers for those who have difficulties in wearing ready-made clothes due to illness or injury
Pochette Msize 12 NGO Hayama-Sukupara Sheepskin pochette made in Chile in cooperation with Hayama-Sukupara, which is working on fair trade. The strap is removable.
KAPAPA 13 HOLUDONA market Lightweight portable pouch with raincoat inside.
Perfect for kids to keep it on top of their backpack, or randoseru, to prepare for bad weather. Quick and easy to wear by themselves.

(4) Fourth certification





Seegras Akamoku Hand&
アカモクハンド&ボディジェル KopiLuwak

Moisturizing gel developed focusing on moisturizing ingredient of fucoidan contained in the slimy substance of Sargassum homeri grown in the sea of

UROBAG CARRY COVER ウロバッグキャリーカバー Create Medic Co.,

Cover to conceal the bag to store urine constantly discharged from bladder through catheter

sun&beach baby carrier Plus ベビーキャリアプラス sun&beach CO., LTD.

Waist belt-type baby holder featuring high functionality and ample color variation

cassico chair カシコチェア Itoki Corporeation
Yokohama Branch

Chair developed to meet the needs
peculiar to women

“Yokohama Goldfish” Coaster  横浜金魚コースター Okawa Printing Co.,Ltd

Coaster made with manual letterpress printing machine. When a glass is put on it and looked from just above, it looks like as if the glass has a swimming goldfish in it.

Gynecological examination skirt 産科婦人科受診用スカート Atelier Michy

Skirt for obstetrics and gynecology examination

Hayama Excursion Ticket 葉山女子旅きっぷ Keikyu Corporation

A special Keikyu Line ticket package, including a railway ticket, Keikyu Bus unlimited ride ticket for designated areas, meal coupon and souvenir coupon.

Make child-rearing easier for parents. Time-saving. Two-way diaper bag オムツポーチ kururi

Diaper container with shoulder strap and handle. The user can easily take out baby wipe from its both sides.

 (5) Third certification





Cover Socks Keep カバーソックスキープ Nippon Zettoc Co., Ltd. Cream to prevent very-short socks from slipping off

Kokoro Bakari(My First Sencha Kit)

心ばかり Tsunakawa Co., Ltd. Convenient Japanese tea making set of a tea pot, cups and a can of leaves for Japanese tea beginners
Ener RAC エナラック

Ener Medical Co., Ltd.

Underwear for rehabilitation which are created by caregivers based on the opinions of people with hand handicaps. Easy to put on and take off.
-AYA- 彩 MEMO Technos Inc. High grade vacuum tube amp with traditional Aizu lacquer coating and inlaid mother-of-pearl work
Hatsukoi (first love) Slippers for Dieters 初恋ダイエットスリッパ

Idea Studio Asosan Ltd.

Slippers without heel part which make those who wear them stand on tiptoe and maintain good posture.
FuepitaⓇ ふえピタ IDEA-PARK When stuck onto the holes of a recorder, Fuepita prevents slippage and air leakage, and make it easier to cover the holes by fingers even with a little power.


(Pillow built-in bed)
マクラインベッド Yamada Shuori Makura Laboratory Custom-made bed for rent with a built-in pillow, designed to fit user’s body shape and keep it in good sleeping posture
Yubidenwa Memory 指でんわメモリ Office Yui Asia Ltd. A communication app for people who have difficulty to speak such as ALS, aphasia and laryngeal cancer. It is easy to create its own content, and "Yubidenwa Memory" is not only for communication but also rehabilitation, education and tourism. 

 (6) Second certification

Name     Company/Organization Description

Simple Pocket




Kamakura Daddy

Handmade simple pocket handkerchief that can be formed in a desired shape with built-in wire. Handkerchiefs of two different patterns are set in one mount.

Sakuran Nuno-Zori(Traditional Japanese handmade cloth room shoes) さくらん 布ぞうり Sakuran

Cloth room shoes created by adapting the Japanese traditional sandals to fit to a more contemporary lifestyle. Classes to make your own Sakuran room shoes are available. 

One and Only Teddy Bear in the Whole World


Nishikiya Co., Ltd

Original teddy-bear made of clothes that are brought in by the client

W Diaper Pouch Wおむつポーチ


Diaper pouch with deodorant function that can store three items; new diaper, dirty diaper and butt wipes
Yokohama Multi-way Scarf マルチウエイスカーフ

Rourou Japan

Large-sized scarf that can be worn in more than 20 ways, such as blouse, bolero and dress.  

(7) First certification



Exhale エクスエール Atsugi Co., Ltd. High-end design hosiery collection
The Personalized Book カスタム絵本

iicoto Inc.

Semi-custom made picture book. Child’s name or massage can be added.

Exchangeable Wheelchair Seat Cover 着せ替えchacoシート associé chaco Sheet cover for wheelchair which offers nice color and pattern options
“Clean Piece” Anti-bacterial Ear Bud Tip Clean Piece Yokohama Baysidenet Corporation Anti-bacterial ear bud using titanium apatite
KOTSUBAN-make 骨盤メイク Atsugi Co., Ltd. Shorts with pelvis-shaping belt which makes the wearer be aware of good posture
Chino Pants of Adjustable Length チノパンツ

Daiichi Co., Ltd.

Best Seller“Adjustable Length Pants”Easy hemming and beautiful silhouette for all type of body.

No need to trim the fabric, so it is reusable.

V-Body Board Series


Buzz Corporation Limited

Body boards and marine products for women

Maternity Record Book Case for Twins/Two Children 双子用母子手帳ケース


Case that can hold two maternity record books


NANOEGGⓇResearch Laboratories, Inc.

Beauty essence developed to solve women’s skin troubles

Lunamer/LunamerAC ルナメア FUJIFILM Corporation. Cosmetics developed to solve troubles about skin pores, texture and pimples

3. Information communication equipment

(1) First certification




“Entier” Embedded Database Features

Entier Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Integrated database to make it easier to operate a car navigation system, home electric appliance, etc.

KATSUBUN File Server Optimizer MEANS Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Component software for business contents to assist optimizing file server capacity

JOHMON Finger Vein Authentication Technology JS1

Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Hardware equipment for identity verification by reading finger vein
Electric Blackboard “StarBoard” star board Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Electric blackboard

Sales ended at the end of Feb. 2016.

4. Transportation instrument

(1) First certification





Nissan Note Rider


Autech Japan Inc.

Nissan Note of higher performance


(1)Seventh certification新規




Nadeshiko Construction Site Concierge なでしこ現場コンシェルジュ Fujibow Co.,Ltd

Female staff with secretary proficiency certificate are stationed in construction sites. They welcome guests with aromatic scent at the office and give briefing on construction sites to kids.

(2)Sixth certification




Nadeshiko Patrol 住民さま目線の「なでしこ」現場環境パトロール Fujibow Co.,Ltd

Patrolling service by female staff at large-scale renovation site of condominiums to maintain residents' comfortable living as usual. Provides services closely related to residents' daily life.

(3) Fourth certification





All Order Made

Completely made-to-order house offered by a company with all-female staff

6. Service

(1)Seventh certification新規




Home visiting hairdresser for mothers and pregnant women 出張カット

Trip hair salon HINATA

Service devised for women who cannot go out easily due to pregnancy or childrearing. They can receive hairdressing salon services such as haircut and coloring while nursing or looking after their babies at home. The hairdressers, who are also mothers, can give advice on childrearing.

Universal Escort Seminar トヨタ1トヨタ2 KANAGAWA TOYOTA MOTOR SALES CO., Ltd.

Training program for taxi drivers to brush up their customer service skills. Giving consideration to elderly passengers and people with disability, this program focuses more on safety and security.

Smile training 笑顔トレーニング Zushi Medistyle clinic

Smile training takes just five seconds. We have developed how to train your facial muscles to smile naturally. Everyone smiles differently, but studies in small changes in facial expressions have helped us develop programs applicable to any one or individuals of any age. It is easy to see the difference in smiles before and after the training objectively, using 3D imaging. Currently, this training is available online.

(2)Sixth certification




Cooking Class Franchise for Non-Japanese 外国人向け和食料理教室の世界FCビジネス Washocook Co.,Ltd.

Japanese home-style cooking class for foreign nationals with a concept "a dish prepared in 20 minutes". Also has a course to nurture cooking instructors.

Women only Coworking Space “BLUE COMPASS” 女性専用コワーキングスペース「ブルーコンパス」 BLUECOMPASS CO.,LTD. Coworking space only for women, established based on the opinions of over 500 female entrepreneurs. A place where children can play while mothers are working.
Taxi Service by“Hama nadeshiko Driver” 「ハマなでしこドライバー」タクシーサービス Asahi Taxi Corporation Taxi service by female drivers who completed special training and acquired qualification. Attentive service with a sense of security by female drivers is available.

Botanical Garden for Children

植物公園における子どもリピーター獲得企画 Odawara Flower Garden A program to make children repeated visitors to the botanical garden. Children can observe the plants and make discoveries leading to learning as if playing a game.

(3) Fifth certification




KOSODATE Share 14 AsMama Co., Ltd. SNS-based service system for safe childrearing. Acquainted parents can ask to take care of each other's children through the system.
Care of femininity for post-mastectomy patients 15 COFURE Co,. Ltd. Providing overall services of mental and physical care for breast cancer patients, including counseling, trial fiting and sales of mastectomy underwear, and skin and hair care.

(4) Fourth certification




Creating houses and shops with
female architects
女性建築家との家づくり General incorporated
association WHAIS

WHAIS is a group of women specialists of housing and interior design.When a client wishes to build a house or design a shop, WHAIS introduces a suitable architect/designer who can think from the client's point of view, and offers a place for consultation.

TENSHI no portrait
天使のポートレイト Seeray Photo offers a visiting photographing service by a female photographer in Yokohama.

Visit photo taking service. Takes photos of new-born babies, celebration of children of three, five and seven years of age, coming of age celebration, wedding ceremony, portrait for funeral and pets. Flowers are added to make photos more charming.

(5) Second certification



Girls’ Seat ガールズシート


Special soccer ticket for female fans with privileges of match watching in special observation room, photo opportunity with players and gift with autograph
Mother and Baby Pre/Post-natal Homecare Service 妊婦イラスト SANGO HELPER CO., LTD.  Postpartum care service to send female helpers who have specialized knowledge and techniques to assist postpartum mothers

(6) First certification



Girls’ Boat Party Kids’ Boat Activity  Boat Party for Couple   Rocky Marine Corp. Boating program for women and families guided by female captain
Sushi Making Experience with our Sushi Chef 寿司教室 Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant

 Sushi making experience with a sushi chef and his bilingual wife in a traditional sushi restaurant

Yokohama Female Entrepreneur Support Project  

Ashitano Inc.

Supporting service for female entrepreneurs by producing website and other sales tools



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