Samukawa Course for New Year's visit


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* Contents are as of January 2017.

Course guide

JR Miyayama Sta.

- 10-min. walk -

1. Visit to see Nebuta, a huge lantern decoration display created on the theme of a mythology at Samukawa-jinja Shrine to expel evil spirits in early spring.



With a history of about 1,600 years, Samukawa-jinja Shrine has been worshipped by many people. On the New Year’s days, about 460,000 people visit the shrine (about two million visitors a year).

From the New Year day until February 3, the traditional end of winter, Nebuta lantern decoration depicting a mythology is exhibited. Nebuta is displayed in this time of a year, as it is believed to have power to absorb evil spirits. It is known for its vivid and strong depiction of a scene from a Japanese mythology.

See the map of the area
Website of Samukawa-jinja Shrine (presently in Japanese only)〕  

- 2-min. walk -

2. Purify your spirit through zazen seated meditation experience at Kozen-ji Temple (conducted in Japanese)


Kozen-ji Temple near Samukawa-jinja Shrine offers a zazen experience program. In the beginners’ course, participants do zazen for 20 to 30 minutes after a brief lecture (in Japanese). The style of seated meditation differs depending on the school. Zazen at Kozen-ji Temple aims for no-mindedness.

 Applications and inquiries in Japanese are accepted.

See the map of the area〕 
Website of Kozen-ji Temple

- 9-min. walk -

3. Find your favorite product in season at Waiwai Market Samukawa Store

わいわい市 寒川店外観
わいわい市 寒川店の店内の様子

Waiwai Market Samukawa Store is located about 9-min. walk from Kozen-ji Temple. Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers from nearby farms are popular and many people come to the store even on weekdays.

You can buy a boxed lunch at the store and enjoy picnic at the neighboring Samukawa-chuo Park on a fine day.

See the map of the area
Website of Waiwai Market Samukawa Store (presently in Japanese only)
Store manager’s blog offering seasonal information (presently in Japanese only)


- 7-min. walk -

4. Learn about water at Waterworks Museum


Waterworks Museum was established in 1984 with an aim to introduce waterworks business conducted by Kanagawa Prefecture to citizens. Both children and adults can enjoy learning about waterworks here.

In front of the charming building is a Japanese-style garden where you can enjoy strolling and having lunch. Little children can have fun here, too.

See the map of the area
Website of Waterworks Museum (presently in Japanese only)〕

- 18-min. walk -

5. Be fascinated by winter illumination at Samukawa-ekimae Park


After strolling, enjoy the winter illumination at Samukawa-ekimae Park.

See the map of the area〕 

- 1-min. walk -

JR Samukawa Sta.

Other recommended points

There are many other “must-see” spots in Samukawa. Please visit and find more information at the websites ofSamukawa Town Tourism Association (presently in Japanese only)andSamukawa Town(Please select the language in the upper right corner of the window.).

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