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Launch Your Business in Kanagawa Prefecture !

Smoother business startup ensured for foreign entrepreneuers through deregulation

“Startup Visa” program is aimed to promote business startups by foreign entrepreneurs. It is specially authorized to be implemented in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is designated as National Strategic Special Zone. Foreign nationals wishing to start a business in Japan need to obtain a status of residence for “Business Manager”. The requirements for obtaining this visa status will be eased for those who are to prepare a new business in Kanagawa Prefecture.

To receive this status of residence in the current system, the applicant must open a business office, hire two or more full-time employees, or have capital or investment of at least 5 million yen in total before submitting the application to the Immigration Bureau.

However, in this “Startup Visa” program, the applicant can gain approval for a six-month “Business Manager” residential status even before satisfying these conditions. The applicant just needs to submit a business plan and other necessary information to Kanagawa Prefectural Government (hereafter referred to as K.P.G.). When K.P.G. confirms that the applicant is likely to fulfil the conditions within six months, the Immigration Bureau will conduct an examination of the applicant on the basis of the confirmation, and grant the approval. The applicant can use the given six-month period to take the necessary procedures to obtain the full status of residence for Business Manager while setting up or running a business.

Application for "Kanagawa Startup Visa" Program

In order to obtain the six-month status of residence for Business Manager using this program, the applicant needs to make a plan of the business to be opened in Kanagawa Prefecture, submit it to K.P.G, and receive “Confirmation of Business Startup”.

To obtain the confirmation, the content of the submitted plan must be examined by K.P.G., and the applicant must be considered by K.P.G. as having a high probability to gain approval of the national government for the full status of residence for Business Manager after completing the six months given by Startup Visa Program.

Eligible persons

Foreign nationals planning to launch a business in Kanagawa Prefecture (in principle, those who live abroad presently).

Eligible Business

1) ME-BYO*/life sciences business (e.g. biotechnology, medical device)
2) Energy business (e.g. energy creation, saving, storage)
3) IT/robotics business (e.g. software, AI, IOT, ICT)
4) Tourism business (e.g. promotion of inbound tourists, creation of tourist attractions)
5) Other businesses specially recognized by Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture as having the potential to contribute to developing international competitiveness and international business hubs for Kanagawa industries.
* “ME-BYO” is a concept created by K.P.G. that health condition cannot be rated as either good or poor, but changes continuously between being sick and being healthy.

Application form

(Appended Form No. 1) Application for Confirmation of Business Startup (word: 22KB)
(Appended Form No. 1-2) Business Plan (word: 30KB)
(Appended Form No. 1-3) Time Schedule (word: 21KB)

(Appended Form No. 1-4) Resume of the Applicant (word: 36KB)
(Appended Form No. 1-5) Written Oath (word: 23KB)
(Appended Form No. 1-6) Notification of Change (word: 22KB)


Leaflet of Kanagawa Startup Visa Program(PDF:2,943KB)
Kanagawa Startup Visa Program Application and Utilization Guide(PDF:137KB)
Kanagawa Startup Visa Program Q&A(PDF:186KB)

For detailed information, please see Kanagawa Startup Visa Program Application and Utilization Guide(PDF:246KB).


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