Chigasaki Course to enjoy Japanese plum and camellia in spring



* 1 If you take a bus from the Headland area, get on the bus [茅09] bound for the south exit of Chigasaki Sta. (for about 7 min.) at “Headland-iriguchi” bus stop along Route 134. Get off at “Chigasaki-eki-minami-guchi”.

* 2 Approx. required time indicated.

* 3 Contents are as of January 2017.

Course guid

JR Chigasaki Sta.

- 8-min. walk -

1. Chigasaki City Museum of Art



The unique wing-shaped building is Chigasaki City Museum of Art, located about 8-min. walk from Chigasaki Station. As a folk museum, it has collected and exhibited works related to Chigasaki since its opening.

On the second floor is a café Le chemin, which was renewed in 2016, offering dishes using fresh ingredients of Chigasaki. On a fine day, you can have meals enjoying a fineview of Mt. Fuji.

See the map of Chigasaki City Museum of Art
Website of Chigasaki City Museum of Art (presently in Japanese only)〕  

- 1-min. walk -

2. Takasuna-ryokuchi and Shorai-an


(The best plum blossom-viewing season is from mid-February to early March.)

Chigasaki City Museum of Art is surrounded by the pine-covered Takasuna-ryokuchi green area. Among the pine trees typical of the coastal area are plum trees, which show lovely blossoms in spring. Some of these plum trees in the Japanese garden of Takasuna-ryokuchi are said to be over 200 years old.

The building in the Japanese garden is Shorai-an, which has a tea ceremony room and a drawing room. You can enter the building and look inside. (If you would like to enter inside, please call Shorai-an beforehand. (presently in Japanese only)

See the map of Takasuna-ryokuchi and Shorai-an〕 
Website of Takasuna-ryokuchi and Shorai-an
Website of Shorai-an (Chigasaki Culture and Sports Foundation) (presently in Japanese only)〕

- 15-min. walk -

3. Himuro Camellia Garden


(The best viewing season of camellia is from late February to late March.)

Now move to Himuro Camellia Garden, 15-min. walk from Takasuna-ryokuchi and Shorai-an. The garden boasts nearly 1,300 garden trees, including camellia. There are over 200 types of camellia there, and you can enjoy a variety of camellia from January to early April.

See the map of Himuro Camellia Garden〕 
Website of Himuro Camellia Garden〕  

- 15-min. walk -

4. Museum on People Associated with Chigasaki


Walk about 15 min. from Himuro Camellia Garden, you will arrive at a museum, which introduces people associated with Chigasaki.

It has benches in the courtyard where you can take a rest feeling pleasant see breeze.

Open only on Fri., Sat., Sun. and national holidays. For details, visit the website below.

See the map of Museum on People Associated with Chigasaki
Website of Museum on People Associated with Chigasaki〕  

- 1-min. walk -

5. Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House



Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House is located close to Museum on People Associated with Chigasaki.

Novelist Takeshi Kaiko had lived in Chigasaki from 1974 to 1989 until he passed away. He loved his final house, which is now open to the public as Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House. The house is exhibited as it was in the old days, and you can see how the life of the famous writer was.

Open only on Fri., Sat., Sun. and national holidays. For details, visit the website below.

See the map of of Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House〕 
Website of Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House (presently in Japanese only)〕

- 8-min. walk -

6. Chigasaki Beach


The last leg of the trip is Chigasaki Beach.

You can take a comfortable walk looking at the ocean of Shonan, a place loved by many Japanese.


- 25-min. walk or 11-min bus ride -

JR Chigasaki Sta.

Other recommended points

There are many other “must-see” spots in Chigasaki . Please visit and find more information at the websites ofChigasaki City Tourism Association (presently in Japanese only)andChigasaki City.

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