Hiratsuka: Enjoy strolling around and watching soccer matches



* This plan is made with an evening soccer game. Please check the game schedule beforehand.

* Approx. required time indicated.

* This model course is as of June 2016.

Course guide

JR Hiratsuka Sta.

- 10-min. walk -

1. Stroll around Hiratsuka Hachiman-gu Shrine



 Walking about 10 minutes from the north exit of JR Hiratsuka Station, you will see a grove of trees. You arrived at Hiratsuka Hachiman-gu Shrine, an oasis for Hiratsuka citizens. Going through the stately Ichino-torii, or shrine gate, which stands at the entrance of the Shrine on the Tokaido Road, you will enter the precincts filled with gentle light and clear air, the best spot to take a walk.

Hiratsuka City is famous in Japan for its Tanabata Festival (star festival), which is held in July. During the Festival, which tells the arrival of summer to Shonan, Hiratsuka Hachiman-gu Shrine is decorated with special ornaments and paper lanterns. In the precincts, visitors can purchase a good luck charm made after this Tanabata Festival.
See the map of Hiratsuka Hachiman-gu Shrine〕 
Website of Hiratsuka Hachiman-gu Shrine (in Japanese)〕 


- 10-min. walk -

2. Exciting art appreciation opportunity at The Hiratsuka Museum of Art



At the Hiratsuka Museum of Art where soft sunlight is showering, two exhibitions are held according to the season. The Museum organizes exhibitions from its unique perspective, and has steady fans. Their programs, made to satisfy a wide range of visitors from infants to the elderly, are full of new findings.

See the map of the Hiratsuka Museum of Art
Website of the Hiratsuka Museum of Art〕 

3. Lunch at a restaurant in The Hiratsuka Museum of Art



How about the recommended “saffron rice with octopus and olive” for lunch at a restaurant La Palette in the Museum? Beautifully colored saffron rice is topped with soft octopus and salmon. Accented with sliced olive and caper, the flavorful and nutritious rice is very tasty. Pink peppers are making it a fancy dish.

Website of La Palette (in Japanese)〕 

- 8-min. walk -

4. Enjoy snacks at Hiratsuka Sogo Park (Kitchen cars gather on the day of the game!)


キッチンカー 原っぱ
動物 流れの広場



Hiratsuka Sogo Park has Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka, a home stadium of a football team Shonan Bellmare. On the day when a game takes place, kitchen cars start lining up four hours before the kickoff. Nice smells fill the area making your stomach grumble.

Eating snacks from the kitchen cars at the spacious “Hiratsuka-no-harappa” field is so special! After refreshing the inner man, why don’t you stroll around the Park? At the Fureai Zoo, you can buy some stuff and feed the goats and sheep there. In summer, you can enjoy playing with water at “Nagare-no-hiroba” square.

See the map of Hiratsuka Sogo Park
Website of Hiratsuka Sogo Park (in Japanese)〕

5.Watch the Shonan Bellmare Game at Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka!




The Shonan Bellmare game kicked off! It’s a great fun even if you are a football layman or unfamiliar with Shonan Bellmare, so don’t worry!

The players who keep running after the ball until the final moment give you a moving experience, and supporters’ enthusiastic cheer is just overwhelming.

Please feel the atmosphere of the stadium, and share the excitement with your friends and supporters.

See the map of Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka
Access to Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka




 - 25-min. walk or 7-min. bus ride -

JR Hiratsuka Sta.

Let’s learn more about Shonan! 
---To enjoy the model course to the full---

Watch a starry sky in the planetarium of Hiratsuka City Museum


(Photo above: Milky Way) 
 秋の星空 博物館概観

Hiratsuka City Museum stands near The Hiratsuka Museum of Art. The planetarium (excluding some programs) shows the sky of that night with live explanation by the curator from the beginning to the end (in Japanese).

The program is updated every other month and stars are displayed under the theme of the season or topics of the times. They also offer regular events to listen to a classic concert under the starry sky in the planetarium and to observe stars using rooftop telescopes, etc.

To check the open days, showing time schedule and events schedule, visit the following web pages.

See the map of Hiratsuka City Museum
Website of Hiratsuka City Museum〕 

Other recommended points

There are many other “must-see” spots in Hiratsuka.
Please check the website ofHiratsuka CityandHiratsuka City Tourism Association.
Please also visit Kana Garden where you can enjoy about 1,300 varieties of roses and various events. (website in Japanese)

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