Walk along Enoshima-michi and Oyama-michi(Part 1:Enoshima to Tsujido)


(This course is the Enoshima to Tsujido leg of the course from Enoshima to Oyama.)

During the Edo Period, “Oyama-mairi,” or climbing the mountain to pray, was very popular among the general public.

When the population of Edo was one million, about 200,000 people visited Mt. Oyama every year.

It was common to journey to worship the goddess Benzaiten in Enoshima after worshiping the god of Mt. Oyama, so much that there is a classical rakugo story about Oyama-mairi.

This course does the opposite, going from Enoshima to Oyama.

It is difficult now to follow the exact path that was used, but this course will take you from Enoshima to Tsujido using signposts and other markers.

Enoshima has already been introduced in this model course, so this time you will start from Katase-Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Line and head towards Enoshima Station on the Enoden Line and Shonan-Enoshima Station on the Shonan Monorail. (See Map①(JPG:80KB)

Course guide

Odakyu Katase-Enoshima station

 ▼ approx. 11-min. walk ▼

Ryukoji Temple

Take a right at the intersection at the Enoshima Sta. Ent. Ryukoji Temple is about 300 meters ahead. (See Map②(JPG:64KB)

The highlights include the oldest pagoda in the prefecture, the stupa, and a dental memorial.

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk ▼

Enoshima Benzaiten signpost

According to the Map②(JPG:64KB),return National Route 467 to the Enoshima Sta. Ent. intersection and turn right and walk for a while,and there is a signpost.

The engraving says “Enoshima-michi.”

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk ▼

Saigyo Modori Matsu・Enoshima Benzaiten signpost

It is said that Buddhist priest Saigyo stopped to look at this pine tree while traveling the country.

The engravings say “Enoshima-michi” and “Saigyo Motori Matsu.”


 ▼ approx. 8-min. walk ▼

Enoshima Benzaiten signpost

Standing at the corner of the Katase Elementary School grounds, the front says, “Enoshima-michi”.


 ▼ approx. 5-min. walk ▼

Stone marker at the entrance to Iwaya Fudo Myoo

Take a right at the stone marker, and you’ll reach Iwaya Fudo Myoo in about three minutes. There is a stone statue of Fudo-son inside a cave.


 ▼ approx. 3-min. walk ▼

Informational sign at Umakura Bridge

It is said that Minamoto no Yoritomo called this “Umakura Bridge” (“horse trader bridge”) because he used his horse saddle as a bridge to cross the river.


 ▼ approx. 1-min. walk ▼

The road splits. Take the one on the right rather than following the river.

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk ▼

Kami yamamoto Bridge(cross the Sakai River)

 ▼ approx. 1-min. walk ▼

Intersection at the Kyujitsushinryojo Ent. (cross National Route 467)

 ▼ approx. 1-min. walk ▼

Enoshima Benzaiten signpost

Standing beside Daigenta Park, the front says, “Enoshima-michi”.


 ▼ approx. 6-min. walk ▼

Enoshima Benzaiten signpost

Standing at Ishigami Park, the front says, “Enoshima-michi”.


 ▼ approx. 5-min. walk ▼

JR・Odakyu Fujisawa Station

Pass beside the roundabout in front of the station and take the underground passage to come out of the North Exit. (See Map③(JPG:83KB)

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk(Prefectural Route 306) ▼

Enoshima Benzaiten signpost


 ▼ approx. 7-min. walk(National Route 467) ▼

Yugyoji Bridge

Cross the Yugyoji Bridge, and you’ll reach Yugyo-ji Temple in about three minutes.

Click here for more information about Yugyo-ji Temple.

 ▼ approx. 10-min. walk(National Route 467) ▼

Shirahata Intersection

National Route 467 goes right at the Shirahata Intersection. If you follow along National Route 467, you’ll come upon Shirahata Shrine in about four minutes. The Enoshima Benzaiten signpost is at the bottom of the stone steps to the main shrine.

Click here for more information about Shirahata Shrine.

 ▼ approx. 16-min. walk(Prefectural Route 43) ▼

Oshare Jizo

This Jizo is said to grant women’s wishes, no matter what they are.


 ▼ approx. 10-min. walk(Prefectural Route 43) ▼

Prefectural Route 43 goes right, but keep going straight ahead to Prefectural Route 44.

 ▼ approx. 10-min. walk(Prefectural Route 44) ▼

Yotsuya Intersection

Cross National Route 1 and proceed according to Map④(JPG:60KB).

 ▼ approx. 1-min. walk ▼

Yotsuya Fudo (Oyama signpost)

This signpost stands at Yotsuyatsuji, where the Tokaido and Oyama-michi intersect, and is engraved with the word “Oyama-michi.” Outside the hall there is a signpost that says, “Oyama-michi.”


 ▼ 0-min. walk ▼

Oyama-michi Ichinotorii gate

There is a carving of a tengu demon face.


 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk ▼

Jonan Ichichome bus stop

Get on the bus here and head to Tsujido Station. Part 1 ends here. If you wish to continue, proceed to Jonan Ichichome bus stop for Part 2.

 ▼ approx. 5-min. by bus ▼

JR Tsujido Station

Continue to “Walk along Enoshima-michi and Oyama-michi(Part 2 Tsujido to Hiratsuka・Tamura)”.


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