Rental Offices for Foreign Affiliated Firms

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Rental Offices for Foreign Affiliated Firms

Rental Offices for Foreign Affiliated Firms, low cost


Rental Offices for Foreign-Affiliated Firms in the Kanagawa Global Business Center (KGC)

We provide rental office space in the Kanagawa Global Business Center (KGC) to foreign-affiliated firms conducting business in Kanagawa Prefecture.

All the offices are fully equipped in order to start your business in Japan right after you move in.

Many businesses are accumulated in Kanagawa Prefecture because of its massive market as a part of the Tokyo metropolitan area in addition to the easy access to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and Yokohama Port. Come and do business with us in Kanagawa!

Three Advantages of our rental offices

Your company will enjoy the following benefits of;office

(1) rapid access to Haneda Airport (30 minutes by train).

(2) lower cost for renting in order to start and develop your business in Japan.

(3) receiving some follow-up support of introduction of business partners in Kanagawa.

Overview of Rental Offices

Address: Industry and Trade Center 2F, 2 Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref. 231-0023

Number of offices: Six

Office type and rent

No. Floor space Monthly rent
1 20.8 Square meter ¥52,935
2 21.1 Square meter ¥53,670
3 20.9 Square meter ¥53,205
4 22.3 Square meter ¥56,681
5 17.2 Square meter ¥43,679
6 21.8 Square meter ¥55,423


1. The above rents are subject to change in conjunction with property price revisions.
2. None of deposit will be charged. Common service fee is included in the above-mentioned rent.

3. There will be additional charges for Internet, copy machine, and phone and fax use.

Office opening time: 24 hours, 365 days a year (excluding December 31 to January 3).

[Note] Compliance with the building administrator’s rules is required.

Equipment and facilities provided in offices: 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 cabinet, connection port for Internet, connection port for phone and fax
Common-use equipment and facilities: Copy machine, Conference room (reservations required for the latter), Free Wi-Fi 
Occupancy duration: Up to three years, contract renewed annually
Tenancy conditions: Companies that fulfill all of the following requirements:
1. Must be a corporation or branch office that a foreign-affiliated firm has newly established (meaning less than a year before the application is submitted) in Kanagawa Prefecture to carry out business in Japan.
2. Has foreign equity ratio of one third or more
3. Has plans to continue doing business in Kanagawa Prefecture after vacating this facility

Procedure for renting: A company seeking to rent an office should submit a tenancy application to the prefectural government. The application will be examined by the tenant evaluation committee to determine whether the company meets the criteria to occupy the office.
Other: In the same floor of the rental office, there is IBSC Kanagawa which promotes start-up companies to receive business development support. (Free Start up Office "IBSC Kanagawa")



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