Free Startup Office "IBSC Kanagawa"

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Free Startup Office "IBSC Kanagawa"

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Free Startup Office: "IBSC Kanagawa"

ibsckThe Invest Japan Business Support Center Kanagawa, or IBSC Kanagawa, is the nation's first business-support facility jointly established by JETRO and the Kanagawa Prefectural Government.

The center provides temporary office facilities to foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market, or to foreign companies already established in Japan that are expanding business operations into Kanagawa Prefecture.

The facility also has an expert advisor on duty to provide a variety of support for foreign companies seeking to set up business entities within Kanagawa.

Overview of Temporary Office "IBSC Kanagawa"

Eligibility Foreign companies, regardless of country of origin, active in direct investment in Japan, or foreign companies already in Japan that are expanding business operations into Kanagawa Prefecture (Subject to preliminary screening)
Number of rooms Four rooms (approximately 20 sqm/room)
Occupancy term 50 business days (Term may be extended if necessary.)

Free of charge (Deposit required)

(Tenants will be responsible for telephone and fax charges incurred.)

Equipment Desks and chairs, telephone/facsimile, internet connection port, and storage locker
Shared recources Meeting room, business library and copy machine.


Examples of Consultation

  • Incorporation procedures
  • Information on national and local laws and regulations, taxation, labor, trademark, intellectual property, etc.
  • Obtaining residence status and visas
  • Finding human resources
  • Finding office and residential locations
  • Market and industry information
  • Introducing certified specialists, such as tax accountants and administrative scriveners


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