The Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) formulated “Kanagawa Grand Design Basic Concept” and “Kanagawa Grand Design Implementation Plan” as the comprehensive plan to show overall, basic policies for the administrative management of the prefecture. Implementation of the plan started in April 2012.

“Kanagawa Updates” and “Photo Topics” are K.P.G.’s English websites for readers both in and outside of Japan. The sites carry topics on the K.P.G.’s advanced policies, latest news, etc.

Organization of KPG, outline of KP, etc.

Friendly regions of Kanagawa Prefecture.

"How was your day?" Smiles appearing on faces of a family. Pleasant dinner with family members. Lively conversations at the table. An everyday affair at home.
Day after day, we patrol in the community hoping smiles of the residents never vanish.