Foreign Firm Setup Support Program

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Foreign Firm Setup Support Program

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Foreign Firm Setup Support Program to Encourage Foreign Firms which Establish a Base in Kanagawa

We assist foreign businesses in establishing a base in Kanagawa!


Foreign firms that meet the following requirements

  •  Greater than one-third foreign ownership
  •  Expanding into Japan for the first time and establishing a Japanese subsidiary or branch in Kanagawa Prefecture

  •  Engaged in any of the following industries

     1) ME-BYO-related industries,

     2) Robotics-related industries,

     3) Energy-related industries,

     4) Tourism-related industries,

     5) Advanced materials-related industries,

     6) Advanced medical-related industries,

     7) IT/Electronics-related industries,

     8) Transportation equipment/Machinery industries

       9) Regional promotion industry (Limited to the specific regions in the prefecture)

      10) Medical and hygiene product related industries that contribute to the prevention of COVID-19

Expenses Eligible for Subsidies:

 (1) Costs for acquiring resident status

 (2) Filing costs for incorporating, etc.

 (3) Recruitment costs

 (4) Interpretation/translation costs for (1) to (3)

Amount of Subsidies:

  • Half of expenses eligible for subsidies
  • Up to ¥2 million

Brochure in English(PDF:383KB)

Brochure in Simplified Chinese(PDF:352KB)

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