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Photo Topics (Jan. '23)


Enjoy VR Tour through Odawara-jo Castle

Odawara-jo Castle is the highlight of sightseeing in Odawara.  It is known as the residential castle of the feudal lord Odawara-Hojo clan.  Now, VR is available for seeing the inside of the castle tower, where introductory materials on history of the castle and its lords, including the Hojo clan, are exhibited.  You can take a view of the armors and pictures on display through the VR images full of presence as if you were in the tower.  Click the tag on the screen for a caption, which is useful in preparation for an actual visit.

Odawara-jo Castle VR  

odawara-jo castle





How about “Hakone Soratabi” Night-sky Viewing Tour and Astronomical Observation?

Let’s take a special night-time ropeway to the top of Mt. Komaga-take enjoying the night view, and look up at the starry sky of Hakone.  The air is especially clear at this time of the year, which is ideal for night-sky watching.  Fully enjoy the panoramic sky extending 360 degrees above you using an astronomical telescope or binocular.  Please dressed very warmly and prepare protection against cold, since it is freezing at the mountaintop. 

Hakone Komaga-take Ropeway  (in Japanese)