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Photo Topics (Oct. '22)


Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa Held for the First Time in Three Years

   Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa, a symbolic event of friendship between Kanagawa and Vietnam, finally came back.  After being canceled for two years affected by the pandemic, this annual event took place from September 9 to 11 for the first time in three years.  (Programs for the public were conducted in the last two days.)  Food stalls set up on the Nihon-odori Avenue and Zo-no-hana Park were packed with customers.  On the stage, various cultural programs were performed including Vietnamese song and dance performance.  People also enjoyed water puppet show, speech contest by Vietnamese students, and more.  The festa became a very good opportunity to take a step forward in nurturing the ties between the two regions. 

vietnam festa in kanagawa

ベトナムフェスタin神奈川 3年ぶりに開催




Shonan-Oiso Residences and Gardens Forum to Be Held

   The coastal area along Sagami Bay in the south of Kanagawa flourished as a resort district where political and business figures built their villas since olden times, and various cultures, such as literature, music and sports were developed.  The Residences and Gardens Culture Zone Reconstruction Concept aims to conserve and utilize these precious villas and gardens.  Cooperating with this project, “Shonan-Oiso Residences and Gardens Forum” will be held on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the opening of the former residence of YOSHIDA Shigeru and the second anniversary of Meiji Kinen Oiso Residences and Gardens in Oiso Town.  KUMA Kengo, architect and Special and Honorary Professor at University of Tokyo, and organizations engaged in conservation and utilization of villas and gardens in Shonan will give a talk.  It is a good opportunity to know the residence and garden culture of the area.  Application for attendance at the forum is closed, but the event will be also distributed online (in Japanese only).

*Oiso Town Official Channel at YouTube  

teien forum

「湘南・大磯 邸園フォーラム」を開催します

 神奈川県南部の相模湾沿岸は、古くから政財界人が多く別荘を構え、保養地として栄えた地域で、文学・音楽・スポーツなど様々な文化も発展しました。その邸宅や庭園を保存し、活用しようという取組が邸園文化圏再生構想です。この度この取組と連携し、大磯町内に存する旧吉田茂邸の開館5周年、明治記念大磯邸園の開園2周年を契機に、「湘南・大磯 邸園フォーラム」を開催します。隈研吾氏(建築家、東京大学特別教授・名誉教授)の講演をはじめ、湘南邸園の保全活用に関わる団体等のお話を聞き、邸園文化に触れてみませんか。会場参加は締め切りとなりましたが、オンライン配信(日本語のみ)でぜひお楽しみください。