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Photo Topics (Aug. '22)


Drones to be Used for Spotting Schools of Fish

   With the soaring fuel costs in these days, efficiency is required for fisheries, too.  Using helicopters helps detect schools of fish quickly, however, most of Japanese fishery vessels are too small for taking off and landing of copters.  Then, here comes the drone.  First, a drone finds a flock of birds that is following a school of fish.  The image is confirmed in real time to obtain location information, resulting in shortened searching time.  In June, a demonstration test was conducted for the first time in Yokosuka City.  The result is examined for the next test aiming for practical application. 

images from drone






The Third Shonan Pomolon Debuted

   What an unusual color for a tomato!  This new variety was developed by Kanagawa Agricultural Technology Center and named “Shonan Pomolon Chocolat”.  The new tomato has brown flesh and elongated shape like Italian tomatoes.  Boasting as high sugar concentration as large tomatoes, it is good for eaten fresh.  Agricultural Technology Center had developed Shonan Pomolon Red and Shonan Pomolon Gold in 2013 and succeeded in improving their taste, etc. in 2019.  The center will move on to the next step and promote production of the three types.  Please look forward to having the three colors of Pomolon on your table.