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Kanagawa Updates (Jan. '23)

Introducing the latest topics of Kanagawa and the prefectural government.


Join Workshop and Stage Performance at Kanagawa "Re-koten" Project in Sagamihara

Flier 1Kanagawa "Re-koten", or Re-classics Project aims to "re"-spread the charm and value of traditional culture handed over in Kanagawa as a culture and art living in modern times, by utilizing them with new ideas that match with the present  times.  Workshops for children and stage performance for people of all ages will be held on Sat., February 4 and Sun., February 5 at Mori-no-Hall Hashimoto in Sagamihara City. 


In the workshops, elementary and junior high school students will have opportunities to practice traditional performing arts, such as koto Japanese harp, biwa Japanese lute, shishimai lion dance, kozutsumi small hand drums, nihon-buyo Japanese dance and kagura Shinto music and dancing.  Instructors invited for the workshop include a classical Japanese music unit from Sagamihara performing at home and abroad and members of local folk performing art group. 

Flier 2


The instructors of the workshop will appear in the stage performance, too, including Asakiyumemishi, the Sagamihara-based unit actively seeking new possibility of classical Japanese music.  Children joining the workshop will have chances of performing on stage, too.  There will also be performances of folk performing art, such as lion dances of Oshima (Sagamihara City) and Mimase (Aikawa Town), which are designated as intangible folk cultural assets by Kanagawa Prefecture, and Sagamisato-kagura, also an intangible folk cultural asset designated by Atsugi City. 


Participants in the workshop will have a theater seat for the performance, so do not have to apply for the ticket.  Application for the workshop and stage performance will be accepted until Friday, January 20, 2023.  If there are many applications, winners are decided by lottery.  The lottery result will be sent to the address of the applicant by Monday, January 23. 


For the details and application, please see the website.

The performance in the hall will be distributed on Kanagawa Re-koten Project official YouTube channel. 


Supporting Collaboration Projects through Open Innovation by Ventures and Large Companies!

Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) is promoting open innovation projects conducted by venture companies that have innovative technologies and ideas and large-scale companies.  Here are some of these projects currently underway.


walkaround mirai“WALK AROUND MIRAI” is a service to provide multilingual audio contents that can be enjoyed while walking via smartphone, etc. to foreign visitors to Japan.  This  is a project conducted by a venture company DATTARUJIN LLC together with Shiseido Company, Limited, Sony Corporation and JTB Corp.  Currently, demonstration test project for commercialization is being carried out in Yokohama City.


When the project participants visit certain spots in the Minato-mirai district in Yokohama, audio guidance or music is automatically played in conjunction with locational information in Locatone (TM), an app to enjoy Sound AR (TM).  The project aims to research the influence on the time spent in the area, choice of destinations, etc. resulting from providing such contents to encourage visitors to walk around the area.


You can join the project by installing Locatone (TM) in your smartphone (capable with iOS and Android).  When visiting the spots shown on the map in the app, you can hear audio guidance or music automatically played corresponding to the locations.  Participation is free of charge, but you are asked to shoulder the communication fee.  Japanese and English services are currently available.  (Korean, Chinese and Ukrainian services will be available later.)


The trial route is 2.5km in total, and the required time is about an hour.  Starting from K.P.G., you will walk through Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal and Zou-no-hana Park, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and the Minato-mirai district, ending at SHISEIDO Global Innovation Center (S/PARK).  The route covers popular sightseeing spots for those who visit Kanagawa from abroad and other areas in Japan.


During the demonstration test period, foreign visitors to Japan can rent a smartphone with the app already installed.  Please see the website for details.


Venture company Agnavi Co. Ltd. developed “ICHI-GO-CAN (R)” in cooperation with Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Odakyu SC Development Co., Ltd., etc.  wishing that people enjoy delicious Japanese sake, or rice wine, casually and find charms of the areas along the Odakyu Line.  Locally brewed Japanese sake is contained in a 180ml can with a label design of train car. 


ichigocanThe five cans bear a label designed based on lead vehicles of Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Romance-car and commuter’s train), Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. and Oyama Kanko Dentetsu Co., Ltd. The cans contain Japanese sake brewed in the areas along these railways: Izumibashi by Izumibashi Brewery Co., Ltd. (Ebina City), Sakarimasu by Koganei Brewing Co., Ltd. (Atsugi City), Shonan by Kumazawa Brewing Company (Chigasaki City), Hakoneyama by Inoue Brewing Co., Ltd. (Oi Town) and Kikuyu by Kikkawa Brewing Co., Ltd.  This is a must-buy product for Japanese sake fanciers and railway fans!


K.P.G.’s open innovation program “Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)” supports collaborative projects by venture companies and large companies aiming for commercialization like these two projects.  For detailed information on other projects supported by K.P.G., please visit the following site.