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Kanagawa Updates (Nov. '21)

Introducing the latest topics of Kanagawa and the prefectural government.



Earth Festa Kanagawa 2021 Just Held! 


   Kanagawa Prefecture is home to over 226,000 foreign nationals from 172 countries and regions.  It is needed to create an affluent multicultural society where people can live together in harmony understanding and respecting diverse sense of value and culture with each other.


   Earth Festa Kanagawa has been held as a platform where many citizens with various nationalities and cultural backgrounds gather, meet, demonstrate their cultures and ways of thinking and deepen mutual understanding with an aim to realize a harmonious multicultural society.  The event is characterized by the contribution of many volunteers, including foreign nationals, ethnic groups, NPOs and local residents, who work together through the process from planning to event operation.


   Every year, the event offered programs such as food stalls of various countries, bazaar, forum and exhibitions.  This year, it was held online as below.


virtual tourLive distribution of “Multi-Culture TV”, including

・”Earth Cooking” to visit restaurants of various countries in Kanagawa and introduce food, restaurants and the roots of the staff through Zoom

・”Virtual Tour” to introduce life of foreign nationals abroad with ties to Kanagawa through Zoom

・”Typical-story Quiz” to introduce foreign nationals and Japanese culture

main forumLive distribution of

・Main Forum in which young people with various foreign backgrounds and adults who have supported these people for years shared their experiences and thoughts on the environment where they had grown up, their identity and life with Japanese people and exchanged views on issues that Japanese society is facing.

dancing performanceVideos to introduce

・Singing and dancing in rituals and festivals around the world

・Counseling services in foreign languages in the prefecture

・Multicultural communities, groups and foreign schools in the prefecture

All these programs conveyed unique features of Kanagawa’s multicultural society.


   The video contents are available in the website at by the end of March 2022.  Please visit and enjoy them.

   Thorough infection prevention measures were taken in holding the event.




Rediscover Kanagawa Virtual Tours Kick Off


   Kanagawa Tourism Campaign Committee, which is operated by Kanagawa Prefectural Government, municipal governments, tourism associations and private companies, will hold four virtual tours from October to March to offer chances to rediscover Kanagawa’s charms.


   The first tour took place on October 30 on the theme of “Let’s stroll around Kanagawa, must-ride transportation”.  Mainly featuring newly opened facilities and transportation services that can be enjoyed as a tourism activity, participants enjoyed new discoveries. 


tour 2   The theme of the second tour that will start at 11:00 a.m., Sat., November 27, 2021 is “Let’s stroll around Kanagawa, must-see picturesque scenery”.  This tour will focus on the photogenic sceneries so beautiful that you would never fail taking photos.  Tourist spots around the area and local products designated as Kanagawa’s best 100 specialties are also introduced.  Apply to this tour through the following link.


tour 3   “Let’s stroll around Kanagawa, visit Kamakura, home to the shogunate” is the theme for the third tour.  Participants will be guided to historical sites and buildings related to a popular Historical Drama of NHK, “The 13 Lords of the Shogun” to be aired next year.  Nearby tourist destinations are also shown with expert’s guidance.  The tour starts at 11:00 a.m., Sat., February 26, 2022.  Apply through the following link.



tour 4   History maniacs should not miss the fourth tour.  “Let’s stroll around Kanagawa, footsteps of Sagami samurai warriors in the Kamakura Period” focuses on the warriors from the present Kanagawa area who supported Kamakura Shogunate.  This tour is also conducted with tourist information and experts’ explanations.  The tour starts at 11:00 a.m., Sat., March 19, 2022.  Apply through the following link.


   These programs offer great opportunities to experience the most fun tours of Kanagawa Prefecture online.  Each tour needs at least 10 members to take place and the fixed number is 100 people.  If there are more applications, participants will be chosen by lottery and winners will receive an e-mail.  Participation is free of charge.  Network environment for using Zoom is necessary.  For details, please contact Tabi Collection (Tel: 045-680-5489) of the virtual tour secretariat.