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Kanagawa Updates (Jan. '21)

Introducing the latest topics of Kanagawa and the prefectural government.



Join Us! “Let’s Use Natural Energy Together” Campaign Now Held by Nine Cities and Prefectures


logo   With an aim to expand use of renewable energy, “Let’s Use Natural Energy Together” campaign offers environmentally friendly renewable energies at low prices.  The campaign calls for participation of households that wish to purchase energy from natural sources, such as the sunlight and wind, to lower prices through group purchase.  This time, Saitama Pref., Chiba Pref., Chiba City and Saitama City newly join the campaign in addition to the previous hosts of Tokyo Pref., Kanagawa Pref., Yokohama City, Kawasaki City and Sagamihara City.


   To participate in the campaign, please register from the special website.  Registration is free of charge, and accepted by Feb. 15, 2021.  Then the campaign secretariat selects the rate menu of an electric power company that offers the lowest-priced natural energy at auction.  The secretariat provides the estimate starting around early Feb., and participants are asked to decide whether they will switch to the selected power company by March 1, 2021.


   For details and registration, visit the below website (in Japanese).

2-dimentional code   General households, stores, small-sized offices, etc. can join the campaign.  The menu offers two plans: One that includes 30% of renewable energy, and another 100% renewable energy.  You can choose between the two.


   About 4,800 households joined the previous campaign, which was able to reduce their electric bills by 7% on the average for the “30% plan” and 4% for the “100% plan”. (Trial calculation by the secretariat)


   Why don’t you take this opportunity to switch to environmentally friendly natural energy?  The more people join, the lower the cost will be!


   *In this campaign, the “natural energy” means electricity whose total annual power supply contains 30% or more renewable energy generated from solar power, wind power, etc.



Join the Workation Promotion Project of Venture Corporations Supported by K.P.G.


   The novel coronavirus infection caused various new issues in our society.  There are venture companies working to solve these social issues, and Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) is supporting these companies for commercialization of selected projects.  One of the supported projects, “Vacation& Promotion Project”, is inviting applications for the demonstration program. 


workation jissho   “Vacation & Promotion Project” is a program organized by Huber Inc. and ANA Holdings Inc. to promote workation.  COVID-19 pandemic brought about a drop in tourist demand and increase in the number of people doing remote work.  The project aims to establish a framework of regional promotion through vacationing, by inviting remote workers to the region, showing them around with local guides so that they will come to know the charms of the region.  The participating remote workers are asked to transmit the information on the region they obtained during the stay on SNS.   We will create the new form of tourism accommodating demand for workation* in the era with/post COVID-19.


*“Workation” is a word coined by combining work and vacation.  Against the backdrop of the advanced IT technologies, teleworking has widely spread and more people can now work regardless of time and place.  Workation is becoming popular as a new way of working and vacationing mainly in the western countries.  


   Vacation & Promotion Project is currently inviting about 50 participants in its pilot program.  Participants will remote-work and enjoy vacationing in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and share their experience through SNS.  For details, please visit  Application is accepted by February 19, 2021. 

coworking space


   The period of the stay will be until February 28, 2021 after your participation is decided.  Online orientation session will be held to provide information on recommended accommodations and co-working spaces.  Please make a booking by yourself and come to stay. 


zushi tourism   While your stay, local people will serve as your lifestyle guide to help you get connected with the community.  They will show you attractive features of the area, which is difficult in usual sightseeing tours.  You are expected to post your experience and reviews on SNS and will receive reward for your PR activities.  This demonstration program will monitor the backgrounds and satisfaction of the participants and whether the experience will lead to revisit by them, their friends or family.  Based on the results, the organizers aim for commercialization of the project in the next fiscal year or later, in cooperation with local governments, transportation companies, tourist facilities, etc.


*The activities will be conducted taking thorough infection prevention measures against COVID-19.  There is a possibility of suspension of application acceptance and visit to the site depending on the future situation. 
*In case there are many applications, acceptance may be closed before the fixed date.