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ME-BYO Index Taken up in WHO’s Report on Ageing!


Through collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) utilizes knowledge and insight collected at WHO from countries across the world for the prefectural administration, and transmit K.P.G.’s policies and measures to the world.  ME-BYO Index, one of the major programs promoted by K.P.G. was taken up in “Baseline Report for Decade of Healthy Ageing” released by WHO.

1The “Decade of Healthy Ageing” is an action plan to bring together governments, citizens’ groups, private sectors, etc. for ten years of concerted and collaborative efforts from 2021 to 2030 aiming for healthy and longer lives for all the people in the world.  This action plan was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in August 2020 and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December same year.


In starting the Decade of Healthy Ageing, WHO released the “Baseline Report for the Decade of Healthy Ageing” on December 17, which introduces how the world is faced with ageing, the pathway to improvement by 2030 and steps to accelerate impact on lives of elderly people.  The report emphasizes the importance of measuring the physical and mental functions for realization of healthy ageing.  ME-BYO Index, which was announced by K.P.G. in March 2020, was taken up in the report as one of the examples of the endeavors to this end.


2ME-BYO is a concept to view our physical and mental conditions as continuously changing between health and illness, and not something that can be clearly determined as “healthy” or “ill”.  ME-BYO Index quantifies the state of ME-BYO in four areas of lifestyle, cognitive capacities, daily living functions, and mental health, including stress.  Download a free smartphone app “My ME-BYO Record” and enter your data in 15 items such as height, weight, blood pressure and gait speed.  Then you can see the scores of your ME-BYO state.


To see the details of the report, click the following.

https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/documents/69931/anex1_baselinereport_me-byoindex.pdf (English)

https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/documents/69931/anex2_baselinereport_jp_me-byoindex.pdf (Japanese)


Activities of “Tochikubo Shopping Club” in Hadano City is also introduced as one of the programs to support transportation of elderly people.

https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/documents/69931/anex3_baselinereport_jp_tochikubo.pdf (English and Japanese)


K.P.G. will keep on working with WHO to further improve its programs, including ME-BYO Index, and transmit its policies and measure to the world in the future.





Caution! Problems with Online Shopping


 PC   With the spread of the novel coronavirus infections, our life has largely changed.  As many of us are spending more time at home practicing the “new lifestyle”, the Internet service is used more widely than ever.  In line with this, the number of inquiries and complaints on online shopping received at consumer centers rose in the first half of FY2020, from April to September, reaching 2,206 cases.  Compared with 1,678 cases of the same period in FY2019, the number increased by 528 cases, or 31.5%. (Research by Kanagawa Chuo Consumer Counseling Center)  Seen by age group, wide generations of people sought advice, centering on those in their fifty’s.  Besides online shopping, inquiries on other Internet-related problems are increasing.  Let’s see some of the cases. 


Beware of “side job site” troubles!

Some of the so-called “side job sites” solicit you by advertisement with phrases like “you can make profit easily, quickly and surely”.  You will pay for the money-making information, but only to find that you can’t make any profit unlike the ads.  Some job-search sites require you to pay a lot of money for the information, sometimes calling for additional payments, registration fees, commission, etc.  Be careful not to sign the contracts easily. 


Beware of online game troubles!                                        mobile

Your child might have been charged a large amount of payment for video games.  When your child play a game online, you should understand the system of charging and talk about the points to be noted. 


Beware of health food troubles!

You must have bought the health food online just for trial, but it turned out later that you had applied for a purchase contract for a certain period.  Or, though you made the contract believing the ad saying “Cancellation is accepted anytime!”, you couldn’t cancel it.  Some of the websites emphasize you can buy the health food for a discount price, but it was only if you contract for regular purchases for several months. Though you notice that the contract is against your intention, the cooling-off system is not applicable to online shopping.  Before making the contract, please confirm the conditions carefully and see if it is for regular purchases, and cancellation/return is possible. 


In order not to get involved in such troubles, there are some important points you should know beforehand.  The website of Kanagawa Prefectural Government carries case examples and advice on various consumer problems. 

http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/r7b/cnt/f370208/  (in Japanese)





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