Kanagawa Updates (Aug. '21)



Kanagawa Science Summer 2021


science summer  “Kanagawa Science Summer” is a series of science events targeting elementary, junior and senior high school students.  With the cooperation of institutions in the prefecture, such as science museums, museums, colleges and private companies, Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) has been introducing these events as Kanagawa Science Summer for 20 years hoping that young people enjoy and feel familiar with science as bearer of the future society.  The listed programs include science classes, nature experience classes, factory tours, etc. taking place during the summer holiday season. 


   This year, Science Summer covers programs held during the period from July 17 to November 30, 2021.  The institutions organize a variety of events making use of their features, and K.P.G. disseminates information on them through leaflets and website.  Due to the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the period is extended until autumn.


Let’s see some of the events;

  • The 29th Kihara Memorial Children’s Science Award (Works invited by Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation)
  • Water filtration experiment―let’s learn the mechanism of water circulation (Regional disaster prevention institution Tsurumi River-basin Center)
  • Let’s think about science and environment reading newspaper with a journalist who interviewed an astronaut (Newspark, Japan Newspaper Museum)
  • Toshiba Train Mystery (Toshiba Science Museum)
  • Exploring the time immemorial with the clue of fossilized footprints―from dinosaur to elephas namadicus (Yokosuka City Museum)
  • Indigo dying class and hand weaving class (Rainbow Plaza, Aikawa Fabric Hall)
  • Taste the freshly harvested corn (Flowers and greenery center Kana Garden)
  • Concert at the starry sky (Planetarium, Fujisawa City Shonandai Culture Center Children’s Museum)
  • Classes of kamaboko fish-paste cake and chikuwa fish-paste sausage making (Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum)
  • Red swamp crayfish is scary in truth ― Let’s learn about the most terrible exotic species at the waterside.  (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History)

   Various events are conducted at 44 institutions in the direct participation style or online.   


   The institutions are taking thorough anti-virus measures, displaying the List of Prevention Measures against COVID-19 Infections and registered with LINE COVID-19 Notification System.  Kanagawa Science Summer leaflets are available at Regional Prefectural Administration Centers, municipal offices and libraries, as well as all public elementary, junior and senior high schools, secondary schools, compulsory education schools and special needs schools. 


   For details, please see https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/r5k/cnt/f7414/.(in Japanese)





“Kana Yell” for Venture Companies’ New Challenges


logo   Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) established “Kanagawa Crowdfunding for Venture Business (Nickname: Kana Yell)” in cooperation with private crowdfunding service businesses to support new challenges by venture companies.


   K.P.G. has opened “Kana Yell”, its own crowdfunding site, in November 2020 with the cooperation of a private company to assist venture companies’ fundraising.  In addition, it newly concluded a partnership agreement with CAMPFIRE, Inc. in June 2021.  Companies which seek to fund their venture are now able to be listed on the crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”, too. 


   By forming the partnership, K.P.G. aims to promote and spread crowdfunding.  Venture companies are able to use the service with commission rate lower than usual through Kana Yell.  The companies using this scheme can receive support for public relations by K.P.G.’s partnership companies.  They can also expect publicity effect of their project as the one supported by the prefectural government.  Venture companies seeking to raise a fund through crowdfunding are accepted all the year around.


   In the past, projects such as a sake tasting set by nine Japanese sake breweries and three-way compact pizza oven by a precision sheet metal processor in the prefecture garnered good responses through Kana Yell.  These companies planned their projects facing difficult times due to COVID-19 infection.


   Kana Yell plans to promote various projects in the future.  If you are interested, please visit this site! https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/sr4/cnt/f537655/kanayell.html