Kanagawa Updates (Oct. '20)



Try a Robot to Help your Everyday Life
Life Support Robot Tryout Program Accepting Application



   Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) is promoting introduction and wider use of life support robots.  To this end, we are conducting Life Support Robot Tryout Program to enable facility operators considering purchasing or leasing life support robots to try using them for a specified period of time, and introduce them without worry.  Application is being accepted for this year’s program.


robot2   15 types of life support robots suited for nursing-care facilities and hospitals are prepared for this program.  Among them, there is a robot that helps a person in a seated position move, for example, from bed to a wheel chair, from wheel chair to toilet seat, or support a person in a standing position at a changing room.  There is also a robot that enables families to watch other family members robot3living separately or in a nursing-care facility while protecting their privacy.  A rehabilitation support robot is also available that gently assists those who have paralysis in the fingers or ankles from a stroke in moving their hands or feet using the air pressure.  You can select one that meets your need. 


   Applications are accepted from Tuesday, September 1, 2020 to Wednesday, January 20, 2021.  Nursing-care facilities, facilities for people with disabilities, medical institutions and schools are eligible.  Individuals living in Kanagawa Prefecture are also eligible depending on the robot types. 


   The tryout period is about two weeks to one month.  E-mail or fax your application form, and you will receive the notification at around the end of the month from K.P.G.   Then the robot manufacturer will bring or send the robot.  Robots should be returned in a way designated by the manufacturer by the designated date.  You will be asked to answer a questionnaire by the manufacturer or K.P.G. 


  • In some cases, return postage may have to be shouldered by the user, and there are also cases where manufacturers will visit you to receive the robot, depending on the type you choose.  Please contact us for details.  No fee will be charged except return postage fee. 
  • Application reception for the next month is closed on the 20th every month.  (If the 20th falls on Sat., Sun., or a national holiday, reception is closed on the business day before the 20th
  • In case we receive many applications, we will carry out a drawing. 
  • All the procedures of this program are conducted in Japanese. 


For details and application, please see




Agreement Concluded with Three Media Companies to Revitalize Communities


   Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, many communities had to cease their activities.  Increasing number of people suffer decline of health resulting from mental and physical stress caused by decreased communication opportunities.  Against this background, movements to explore new ways of community activities in the era of the coronavirus have started.


signing of the agreement   Seeking an effective breakthrough, Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.), decided to work together with three media companies of television, local information paper and website.  In cooperation with J:COM Shonan-Kanagawa Co., Ltd., Townnews-sha Co., Ltd. and dotlife, ltd., we will widely introduce such new activities to encourage other community groups.


   These three companies take up successful cases of local activities and key persons in their respective media with the hope that articles on such community groups working actively even under the influence of the coronavirus inspire other like-minded groups.


   K.P.G. will also mutually share information accumulated through their coverage and K.P.G.’s past programs with these companies to utilize it for networking among communities and seeking solutions for regional issues. 


   Specifically, J:COM Shonan-Kanagawa Co., Ltd. introduces activities in its program “Cheering up the locals! News for Ties” (for details, visit https://c.myjcom.jp/jch/tsunagarunews/) and creates a special program.

   Townnews-sha Co., Ltd. uses its Townnews Papers for introduction and creates a webpage featuring community-related articles (web version https://www.townnews.co.jp/).

   dotlife, ltd., presents influential persons in the prefecture in its web service “another life” and organizes online events to share their experiences and ideas.


   We hope these programs will help eliminate the stagnating influence of the coronavirus infection and revitalize community activities!