Kanagawa Updates (Mar. '20)



Renewed Kanagawa Prefectural Sports Center Makes a Debut on April 1!


overview   Kanagawa Prefectural Physical Education Center, which has been used by many citizens since 1968, will reopen in April as Kanagawa Prefectural Sports Center after massive renovations.  The new sports complex is made to be friendly to people of all generations from children to the elderly with less level differences and wider spaces accessible to wheelchairs. 


   The center is to host large-scale events and the pre-games training camps for the Tokyo 2020. 


swimming pool   The newly-built Sports Arena 2 has a 50-meter indoor swimming pool and training room that anyone can use easily.  In addition, it has special floors for boxing, fencing and weightlifting as well as a multipurpose floor suitable for sports for people with disabilities.


athletics stadium   The center also boasts all-weather athletics stadium, which has a 400-meter, eight-lane track with spectator seating for about 5,200.  The adjacent sub-stadium has 300-meter training track and two new futsal courts with lighting equipment for after-dark activities.
   Also developed are two ball game grounds, one with natural turf plus 970 seats and another with artificial turf renewed this time, both of which are suitable for rugby and soccer games.
tennis court   The eight tennis courts were renovated into the ones of sand-containing artificial turf.  Equipped with lighting for night-time use and dressing rooms, the facility offers a comfortable sports environment.


   The newly-constructed accommodations are completely barrier-free.  All of the 42 rooms are equipped with a wheelchair-user friendly unit bath.  With the restaurants and lounge, the facility can host events such as major competitions and intensive training camps for several days.


   The center was renewed into the new base for citizens’ sports promotion.  Can’t wait for the opening in April!


   For application to use the center and more information, please visit




Culture and Art Getting Closer!  Subscription Service Started


logo   Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) and Sonoligo Co., Ltd. signed the Memorandum of Understanding for promotion of art and culture.  With Kanagawa as a model region, the first service of this kind in the metropolitan area will be provided based on the MOU. 


   Sonoligo is a startup company established in September 2018 by then Nagoya University students.  Aiming to create a culture-oriented society, they provide subscription services where users can join events of music concert, sport event and art exhibition by only paying the monthly fees.  Sonoligo and K.P.G. work in cooperation to make culture events more familiar to citizens and further promote art and culture.   


   To use this flat-rate service, there are three options of Premium, Lite and Free to choose from.  If you register with one of the plans, you are entitled to join culture events offered by the plan without additional fees.  You can search, book and enter the venue only with your smartphone.  All you need to do is to tap the screen two times for choosing a program from various genres and making a reservation.  For admission, just show your smartphone screen instead of a paper ticket.  In addition, you can accompany up to two persons per event.  Isn’t it great if you can get two or three tickets with only the monthly fee forkanaphil the plan of your choice? 


   The available events include concerts of Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Swan Lake new version by Matsuyama Ballet Company, an entertainment restaurant Ukiyo-e Café, Magfes ’20 Kanagawa Short Play competition, etc.  More programs will be added to the list.      


ukiyoe cafe   Why don’t you get closer to culture and art through this service?  Sign up for a one-month free trial to start with.  https://www.sonoligo.com/