Kanagawa Updates (Apr. '20)



LINE Account to Offer Custom-made Support for Combat against COVID-19


line account   Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) has established a specialized call center to offer telephone counseling services for inquiries on the new coronavirus infection, or COVID-19.  There have been a flood of calls to the center to date.  To cope with this situation and respond to each inquiry properly, we established an official LINE account that deals with the incoming questions with automatic response system.  The account will guide you to appropriate counseling services. 


   The service of this official LINE account works in the following way.

   If you enter your personal information such as health condition, age and zip code of your home address, advice for appropriate behavior will be provided depending on your condition.  For example, whether you need to contact the counseling center for returnees/those who had close contact with possible infected persons, what antivirus measures are necessary for you, and the latest information on the new coronavirus.


   Furthermore, by choosing questions you would like to ask on the account, you will automatically receive answers from chatbot.  With this system, we can quickly show you what you would like to know.  More functions will be added in the near future. 


   The data collected and accumulated through this system will be analyzed with the cooperation of academic institutions to grasp the actual situation of the spread of the virus.  Based on the result, we will discuss and examine the effective measures from public hygiene point of view. 


   This new system aims to provide information needed by each citizen, according to his/her condition.  Your personal information is managed by K.P.G. and never disclosed to the public in the form capable of identifying a specific individuals. 


add friends   To use the service: Click on the below link and become “friends” with the LINE account through the K.P.G. website first.

https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/ga4/covid19/line/ (in Japanese)    




Trip to KANAGAWA Now More Convenient


   Kanagawa’s tourism information website “Kanagawa NOW” was renewed to enable easier and quicker travel planning.


kanagawa now 1   The site introduces attractive regional features by theme for easier information retrieval before and while traveling.  You can find and book online restaurants/hands-on activity programs/accommodation plans.  With totally renewed design, the site also offers detailed information on shops where you can buy and eat Kanagawa’s specialties.


   By linking to the travel and dining information retrieval and comparison sites, Kanagawa NOW offers functions to easily find and book “dining”, “experiencing” and “staying” spots that satisfy your needs located around your travel destinations.kanagawa now 2


Dining: Blessed with three different aspects of the ocean, mountains and cities, Kanagawa has a lot to offer using local fresh vegetable, meat and seafood.

kanagawa now 3Experiencing: Feel close to the region through history and culture or enjoy warm interactions with local people.  Have unforgettable experiences unique to Kanagawa, a place easy to reach from Tokyo.

kanagawa now 4Staying: Kanagawa is full of attractions and one-day trip cannot cover them all.  Why don’t you stay overnight to visit a shrine early in the morning or stroll the town at night?  You will find a new Kanagawa different from the one you see during daytime.  Stay at a hotel of your choice to fully enjoy the prefecture.


   The site also introduces the new “100 Selections of Kanagawa Specialties” with large and beautiful photos.  The 100 specialties were selected by K.P.G. from the products recommended by the public and organizations.  The new lineup includes products attractive for both domestic and overseas tourists, and specialties popular among the locals.  The renewed site offers easy access to the information on shops where you can actually taste and purchase these items, with details such as location, point of contact for inquiries and the link to the website. 


   Another highlight of the site is the travel route ideas covering recommended tourist spots.  You can quickly find means of transportation, required time, nearby sightseeing sites, and also search and book restaurants, places offering fun activities and hotels along the routes that meet your requests.


   Your trip to Kanagawa will be more fun and satisfying with the renewed Kanagawa NOW! (http://kanagawa-kankou.or.jp/)