Message by Governor Kuroiwa(英語)


Message by Governor Kuroiwa 

Five days have passed since the priority measures for prevention of COVID-19 infection was applied to Kanagawa Prefecture. Many prefectural citizens and business operators cooperated and followed our various requests, such as avoiding outings and shortening business hours. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you all.

On the other hand, new cases per day in Kanagawa reached 318 on April 22 nearing the level of State IV, and we see a clear sign of surge in infections. The third state of emergency was declared to Tokyo, and the metropolitan government plans to take tougher anti-virus measures, such as a request to large visitor-attracting facilities to close business from tomorrow. It is feared that flow of people to Kanagawa would rapidly increase because of Tokyo’s measures.

The holiday season of Golden Week is going to start, and people are expected to move more actively. Now, we need to take stronger measures to stop spread of infections.

I would like to ask the prefectural citizens and business operators the following again to this end.


[To business operators]

  • Kamakura City, Atsugi City, Yamato City, Ebina City, Zama City and Ayase City will be put on the list of areas in need of priority measures, in addition to the cities of Yokohama, Kawasaki and Sagamihara. Eating and drinking establishments in these areas are requested to close business by 20:00 and stop serving alcohol all day from April 28 to May 11. Suspend use of karaoke equipment.

Restaurants in other areas are also requested to take prevention measures according to their respective situation, such as limitation of amount of alcohol to be provided and time to serve alcohol.

  • Large facilities, such as a theater, movie theater and department store, are requested to shorten business hours, like eating establishments. Restrict entry by tenant or attraction not to cause congestions around the facilities.
  • Continue thorough basic infection prevention measures, such as encouraging customers to wear a mask and installing acrylic boards. The prefectural government will visit respective eateries to encourage customers’ mask wearing and promote the certification program of restaurants that recommend mask wearing.
  • During Golden Week, be sure to implement remote working and urge your employees to avoid dining in a group and unessential outings.

[To prefectural citizens]

  • In usual years, you have a lot of fun going out to many places during GW, but this year, thoroughly avoid outings unless it is necessary for living. K.P.G. has already closed or put a restriction on use hours of prefectural facilities. In addition, we will consider closing parking lots of parks and making a request not to use the beach, confirming the intentions of the relevant municipalities.
  • Refrain from moving beyond the prefectural borders unless it is necessary for living, such as for commuting to workplaces and schools. If you are planning a trip to your hometown, where you will have chances to contact elderly people, please reconsider the trip carefully with your family.
  • Do not visit shops and eateries not displaying the “List of Prevention Measures against COVID-19 Infections”. Especially, avoid going to eating and drinking establishments operating even after the requested closing time.
  • We ask you again to practice the basic anti-infection measures of “MASK”, which stands for M for mask wearing, A for alcoholic disinfection, S for screening using acrylic boards, etc. and K for keeping distance and ventilating. When you eat out, keep wearing a mask when you are not actually eating or drinking, irrespective of daytime of nighttime.
  • Do not drink alcohol on the street and in other outdoor spaces and refrain from having a party inviting members outside your family. We will patrol downtown areas in cooperation with relevant agencies.


These requests are made to stop spread of infection by reducing people’s movement and contact opportunities, and thus protect lives of people. Preventive measures taken by each of you will be the key to protect lives of your family and your friends.

As the number of new cases rises, the situation of hospital beds is becoming tight in Kanagawa, too, and we will request medical institutions to increase the number of beds immediately available for patients. To secure medical care system during the GW holidays, we will provide financial assistance to medical institutions that will stay opened to receive patients with a fever.

In usual years, K.P.G. municipal governments and many other business operators are happy to welcome visitors from inside and outside the prefecture with warm hospitality. Regrettably, however, under the COVID-19 pandemic, you cannot have fun in Kanagawa this year.

So, GW is a week of gaman (endurance) this year again. 
To those who live outside the prefecture, please refrain from coming to Kanagawa for now.
And to the prefectural citizens, please don’t go out of Kanagawa.
Stay home with your family during the GW holidays.

Let’s make a united effort to overcome this difficult time.  We ask for your continued cooperation.


April 24, 2021
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture