Message by Governor Kuroiwa(英語)


Message by Governor Kuroiwa

The novel coronavirus infections continue to spread across the country. 

Kanagawa is not experiencing an explosive surge, however, the number of new patients tested positive exceeded 100 yesterday and today.  We are still required to be on alert. 

Infections at home and workplace as well as on occasions of dining together are on the rise. 

Let me urge you again to thoroughly practice basic infection prevention measures of “MASK”, which stands for

M for mask wearing in an appropriate manner,

A for alcoholic disinfection and washing hands,

S for screening using acrylic partition boards, and

K for keeping social distance,

in addition to avoiding the three Cs of closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings.
Be sure to wear a mask at workplace and even at home.

Please also refrain from visiting shops and restaurants where the “List of Measures against COVID-19” is not displayed.
Conversation while eating and talking loud pose a risk of infection.  Avoid having a meal in a large group and take off the mask only when you eat/drink.We must be more careful than ever by practicing these measures.

I also ask business operators to display the “List of Measures against COVID-19” and utilize “LINE COVID-19 Notification System” for thorough infection prevention.
Please strengthen the prevention measures, such as installing acrylic partition boards and ventilation apparatus, in addition to displaying the list.
Please don’t hesitate to use the subsidy programs offered by the prefectural government.

Obon vacation will start soon from this weekend.
People in other regions consider that we Kanagawa citizens live in the area where infection is widely spreading.
Please do not forget this and implement preventive measures as much as possible.
Elderly people needs special attention as they may develop severer symptoms if infected.
Please have discussions with your family members on what you should do to prevent infection before traveling to your hometown.

There is no telling when the virus will be contained, but we need to maintain social and economic activities.
In this situation, each one of us is required to be on guard keeping in mind that the virus is always around us.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government is making its utmost effort to control the COVID-19 infection.
Your continued understanding and cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated.

August 7, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture