Message by Governor Kuroiwa(英語)


Message by Governor Kuroiwa

Since lifting of the state of emergency declaration, the number of the new cases of the novel coronavirus infection has remained at the highest level these days.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government issues Kanagawa Alert to urge the prefectural citizens and business operators to be on guard when the average number of new cases of the last seven days exceeds 33.  Today, we see a situation where the number exceeded the alert standard for the first time.

Against this background, we issue an alert and make a request as below to the prefectural citizens and business operators based on Article 24, paragraph 9 of the Act on Special Measures.

<To the prefectural citizens>

  • Be sure to thoroughly implement preventive measures, such as avoiding the three Cs of closed places, crowded spaces and close-contact settings. 
  • Please refrain from visiting places which do not take enough countermeasures (where the “List of Measures against COVID-19” is not displayed, which is promoted by the prefectural government).

<To the business operators>

  • Please thoroughly implement measures to reduce person-to-person contacts, including teleworking and staggering working hours. 
  • Be sure to display the “List of Measures against COVID-19” and information of “LINE COVID-19 Notification System”, promoted by the prefectural government.

This time, we do not request medical institutions to ensure expanded number of beds for COVID-19 patients.  We will make the request when necessary based on the trend of newly hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Kanagawa Prefecture entered a phase of careful attention to the spread of infection (yellow light) from a phase of observation of infection (green light).  Let me ask you again not to let your guard down.  The novel coronavirus is always around you.


July 17, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture