Message by Governor Kuroiwa(英語)


Message by Governor Kuroiwa

Three weeks have passed since the self-restraint request was lifted on June 18. 
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the citizens and business operators for their understanding and cooperation in prevention of spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Kanagawa Prefectural Government has asked to restrain holding events with over 1,000 people so far in the prefecture.  As of July 10, this self-restraint request will be eased and the maximum number of people gathered will be increased to 5,000. 

When holding events, please assure safety of participants by displaying the “List of Measures against COVID-19 Infection” to show the infection prevention measures taken at the venue.

In Kanagawa, we have managed to contain the number of new infections relatively low up to now.  In Tokyo, however, more than one-hundred new cases have been reported daily mainly among people concerned to host clubs, etc. and 224 new cases were confirmed today, a record-high for single day figure. 

In view of the situation, I would like to ask you again to make sure that the List of Measures against COVID-19 Infection is displayed before you go to shops or join events. 

I also ask you to avoid visiting establishments located in the areas in Tokyo where COVID-19 is spreading, like host clubs and restaurants which are classified as places operating an entertainment business by the Entertainment Business Law.  

Business operators are requested to keep on implementing measures to reduce person-to-person contact, such as teleworking and staggered work hours.  Please also exhibit the List and utilize our program of LINE COVID-19 Notification System. 

In the era of COVID-19, it is essential for all of us to behave cautiously with the consciousness that the virus is always around us. 

Kanagawa Prefectural Government keeps on working on securing the medical care provision system, pursuing both infection control and socioeconomic activities at the same time in cooperation with the citizens and business operators. 


July 9, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture