Message of Governor Kuroiwa about lifting of the state of emergency declaration(英語)


Message of Governor Kuroiwa about lifting of the state of emergency declaration

The state of emergency declaration over the novel coronavirus infection, which had been issued on April 7 covering Kanagawa Prefecture, was lifted today, on May 25.

This was made possible because the prefectural citizens and businesses made an all-out effort in responding to our request to avoid outings and suspend operations for a month and a half.  Let me express my deep gratitude to you for your understanding and cooperation during this period.

However, if we let our guard down after the lifting of the declaration, the second wave of infections may come immediately.

Please keep in mind that there always is a risk of infection, and practice behavior to prevent virus transmission, such as wearing a mask, frequently washing hands, avoiding three Cs (close spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings) and refraining from visiting places where preventive measures are not taken.

Please also refrain from visiting establishments where infection clusters were found for the time being, such as downtown restaurants and bars with companions for customers, and traveling beyond the prefectural borders unless it is necessary for living or business.

The prefectural government will put an end to the closure requests made to entertainment facilities, universities, tutoring schools, etc., sports and amusement facilities, theaters, etc., assembly and exhibition facilities, commercial facilities, and cultural and educational facilities at midnight on May 27 on the premise that appropriate precautions are taken.  Requested operation hours are until 10:00 p.m.  Facilities that serve food and drinks like restaurants are asked to close by 10:00 p.m.

We will assess the situation from overall perspective and lift these restriction measures step by step based on views from experts.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government has prepared a financial assistance program for business operators that implement preventive measures against infection.  We have also created a system to easily exhibit a list of preventative measures taken so that business operators can show what they are doing to avoid transmission of the virus to their customers and employees.  There is also the two-dimensional bar code for a LINE system on the display to promptly notify customers of a possibility of having close contact with the infected in case infections should occur in the business establishment. 

The fight against the novel coronavirus infection will continue even after the lifting of the state of emergency.  Kanagawa Prefectural Government keeps on working to bolster the medical system based on the Kanagawa Model to prevent it from collapsing if explosive surge in infections takes place.

We will support business operators that carry out countermeasures against the virus and clearly indicate their efforts so that citizens can visit them with a sense of security.

May 25, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture