Message by Governor Kuroiwa about extension of the state of emergency(英語)


Message by Governor Kuroiwa about extension of the state of emergency

First of all, let me express my deep gratitude to the prefectural citizens and business operators for their understanding and cooperation for the government’s request to refrain from going out and close operations since the state of emergency, which was declared on April 7 covering the areas including Kanagawa Prefecture.

The number of the novel coronavirus infection cases in Kanagawa has been on the decline compared with some time ago.  However, the total number reached 1,109 yesterday, and the situation continues to be uncertain.  The national government decided on May 4 to extend the nationwide state of emergency until May 31.  Kanagawa remains to be one of the “special alert prefectures”.

Against this background, the prefectural government still has to ask the citizens and businesses to avoid outings and close facilities that are feared to cause infections in order to prevent further spread of the virus.  It is very hard for me to continue this request.  However, this is for preventing the outbreak and saving lives.  I would greatly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

With an aim to prevent collapse of the medical system, the prefectural government is striving to develop a medical service provision system based on “Kanagawa Model”.  We are also working to enhance the medical institutions for priority care, including making of temporary medical facilities.  Securing accommodations for patients with no or light symptoms, as well as building a “Kanagawa Model hybrid version” system to cope with infections in cooperation with the regional organizations are also the advanced programs that we are going to accelerate.

We will continue to make our utmost effort to support the citizens and business operators who are affected by the measures taken under the state of emergency.

We are now in a critical period of fight against the novel coronavirus, which is anticipated to continue for some time.  However, if we thoroughly implement measures to prevent further spread and reduce new cases, we will be able to start social and economic activities again without the collapse of the medical system.

Let me ask you once again.  Please strictly avoid going out unless it is necessary to maintain health and living, such as visiting a hospital, shopping food, medicine and daily necessities, commuting to work that is needed and exercising and walking in your neighborhood.

We make every possible effort to overcome this difficult situation.  I ask for continued cooperation of the citizens and business operators in the prefecture.

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
May 5, 2020