Emergency message from Governor Kuroiwa requesting not to go out---GW is a week of gaman to go through----(英語)


Emergency message from Governor Kuroiwa requesting not to go out
---GW is a week of gaman to go through----

Since the state of emergency declaration over the novel coronavirus infection was issued on April 7, many citizens and businesses have cooperated for the government’s request to avoid outings and close operations.  Let me first express my deep gratitude to them all.

Today, the prefectural government issued a business suspension order to the pachinko parlors that stayed open defying the closure request under Article 45 of the Act on Special Measures.  This is because we don’t want the prefectural citizens to visit these facilities, where infection cluster could occur any time.

Staying at a crowded place for a long time poses a higher risk of not only infection but also spread of the virus to your family members and friends.  What we should do now is to reduce infections as soon as possible.  In order to do so, we need to reduce people-to-people contact by 80%.

The consecutive Golden Week (GW) holidays starts from tomorrow.  Usually it’s a time for going back to your hometown or enjoying tourism and leisure with family and friends.  However, it’s not the case this year.

Please refrain from visiting hometowns, sightseeing and going to the beach, mountain and river for leisure to reduce people-to-people contact.  Which is more important, the outing or life?  I ask each of you to think about it, and strictly avoid going out unless it is necessary to maintain living.

This year, G of GW is g of gaman, which means “endurance” in Japanese.
So, GW is a week of gaman.
GW is a week of gaman.
If every one of us endures this difficult time and avoids outings, the fight against the virus will be shorter.

It is really hard for me to ask you not to go out during the holidays that everyone was looking forward to.  But how we behave during this period will make a great impact.  Many people responded to my request not to visit Kanagawa now, and the number of visitors to the Shonan area significantly dropped.

Let me ask you once again.  During the GW holidays, please refrain from visiting Kanagawa.  And those who live in Kanagawa, please don’t go out of the prefecture.  Stay home as much as possible. 

Healthcare professionals are working hard even at this moment to save lives.  To assist them, please strictly avoid going out.

May 1, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture