Emergency message by governor Kuroiwa about avoiding non-essential outings---which is more important, the outing or life?(英語)


Emergency message by governor Kuroiwa about avoiding non-essential outings---which is more important, the outing or life?

Two weeks have passed since the state of emergency declaration was issued to the areas including Kanagawa Prefecture. The declaration was extended to cover the entire country a week ago.

During this period of time, we asked the citizens to refrain from going out or suspend business operations. Let me express my deep gratitude to many of the citizens and business operators for responding appropriately.

The recent movements of people seem to be steadily decreasing, however, we haven’t been able to reduce person-to-person contact by 80%. People from other areas rushed to the Shonan Beach and Miura Peninsula on weekends causing traffic congestions on the national routes along the beach.

Kanagawa Prefectural Government, in cooperation with the local municipalities, has called for closure of the parking lots in the coastal areas. However, there are still many visitors who park their cars on the road, causing troubles to the daily lives of the local residents.

Please don’t think that going out by car is safe. You might be spreading the virus by stopping over somewhere. Local residents are feeling very uneasy and concerned over this situation.

Now that a state of emergency was declared to the entire nation and the national government is asking that all citizens avoid non-essential outings, this situation must be redressed. Please do not go out unless it is necessary to maintain your daily life.

I ask everyone to take level-headed actions. Would you dare to go out to enjoy driving around Shonan Beach or Miura Peninsula for marine sports like surfing at the risk of the infection? Is it more important than life?

Even at this moment, medical professionals are working hard to protect people’s lives from the novel coronavirus infection. To overcome this challenge, every one of us is required to make an increased effort.

During the coming Golden Week holidays, too, please refrain from going out for recreational trips. If you need to go shopping for daily necessities, please go with the minimum number of family members. Let me ask you once again. Please avoid going out for non-essential or non-urgent reasons to prevent further spread of the infections.

April 22, 2020
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture