“Life Innovation Center” Center for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy


"Life Innovation Center" - Concept -

In order to promote industrialization of regenerative medicine & cell therapy, Kanagawa is going to establish “ Life Innovation Center” at Tonomachiarea in Kawasaki city, Japan,  where many companies and institutes related to life-science field assemble, near Tokyo International Airport(Haneda).

  life innovation center -image-

(1) Location

map1 map2

(2) Lot &building information


      ■Address: 3-102-13, 3-102-14  Tonomachi Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku Kanagawa-ken
      ■Lot size: 8,000m2
       ■Landowner: Kanagawa Prefectural government


      ■Use: Laboratory
      ■Structure: 4 floors above the ground
      ■Total floor space: 16,000m2
      ■Parking lot: 48cars

(3) Functions

Life Innovation Center is aimingto accumulate six functions in order to promote industrialization of regenerative medicine & cell therapy.

1. R&D2. Proto type development
3. Production

4. Clinical practice

5. Personal training                6. Support for industrialization

Floor Planning Concept

The center formulates a framework “One-stop service”

Life Innovation Center provides various functional bases for innovative activities to accelerate  practicability of regenerative medicine & cell therapy.

   floor concept

Kanagawa’s strategies for industrialization of Regenerative Medicine

     strategy for industrialization

Plan for Industrialization of Regenerative Medicine–IMAGE –

     base for industrialization

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