Installation of Institutions for Training International Medical Personnel


The Prefecture is proceeding with the investigation of such matters as the possible installation of training institutions for the development of internationally oriented medical human resources who can promote Healthcare New Frontier.

Towards Installing the “Medical Innovation School”

Currently, the Prefecture is promoting initiatives for the realization of Healthcare New Frontier (HCNF) concepts. The goals of HCNF concepts are to make Kanagawa become “Number 1 in Japan” healthy life society, and to create new markets and industries by exploiting the National Strategic Special Zones.

In order to implement the innovative HCNF concepts, it is absolutely vital to train human resources who can make this possible by being innovators in the various fields of medicine and health care, whether in colleges, graduate schools, research institutions, businesses, clinical sites, and elsewhere. Accordingly, the Prefecture is promoting various initiatives towards the establishment of Medical Innovation School for the training of suitable human resources.

Medical Innovation School MIS

Holding Joint Symposia with Domestic and Overseas Academic, Research, and Other Institutions

Holding Joint Symposia with Domestic and Overseas Academic, Research, and Other Institutions

The Prefecture has been inviting experts from such organizations as academic and research institutions, both at home and abroad, to introduce the Prefecture’s vision and concepts on Healthcare New Frontier, and also to consider the necessary social system and human resource training for its promotion. During 2015, the Prefecture and WHO (World Health Organization) co-hosted an “International Symposium on Aging” held in October.

Holding “Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier (HCNF) Course”

In order to explain clearly the Kanagawa's initiatives on “HCNF” to Kanagawa citizens as well as others, and spread the ideas widely, Kanagawa is providing courses at universities. In 2015, Kanagawa offered “Kanagawa Prefecture’s HCNF Course” in cooperation with three major universities: Keio, Waseda, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The prefecture, by making use of the National Strategic Special Zone system, is considering, among other things, the establishment of training facilities to develop international medical human resources, and facilitate their exchange of ideas.

“Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier Course”

The Prefecture is proceeding with efforts for realizing “Healthcare New Frontier” which has the goal of making the Prefecture the "Number 1 in Japan" healthy life society as well as creating new markets and industries. In order to explain these efforts clearly to Kanagawa citizens and others, as well as to spread the ideas widely, since October 2015, the Prefecture has been offering, in cooperation with Keio University, Waseda University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology, the “Kanagawa Prefecture’s Healthcare New Frontier Course.”

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