Promotion of Healthcare ICT(Information Communication and Technology)


Future Vision of Healthcare ICT Society

By building a new system that makes effective use of ICT, Kanagawa Prefecture is aiming to establish healthcare centered on individual/patient requirements, as well as a society with sustained “good health, safety and happiness”.

To that end, stakeholders such as prefectural residents, medical institutions, and industries are striving to construct a system (Healthcare ICT System), which enables the efficient application of health/medical information such as electronic medical records, clinical trials, and medication records.

Diagram – Future Vision of Healthcare ICT Society

Future Viision of Healthcare ICT Society

“MY ME-BYO Record” Project 

My ME-BYO Health Record ProjectFrom March 2016, it got possible to use the application developed by the Prefecture named “MY ME-BYO Record” which enables the users to check personal health record and ME-BYO status through personal computers and smartphones.

“MY ME-BYO Record” is an easy, safe and convenient application to be used for personal health management by the users.

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