Initiative for Creation of ME-BYO Industry


Initiative for Creation of ME-BYO Industry

“ME-BYO” is a concept which does not consider health and sickness as two clearly separable conditions. Rather, the physical and mental condition is deemed to be continuously changing between health and sickness, and “ME-BYO” is the concept that covers the entire process of this change.

Kanagawa Prefecture, in preparation for the coming of its super-aging society, is pursuing the initiative for “Healthcare New Frontier” which combines the two approaches of “Curing MEBYO” and "Pursuing Cutting-Edge Medicine and Technology.” The goal of this initiative is a society in which everyone can live a healthy and long life.

ME-BYO Industry

The designation “ME-BYO Industry” refers to industries that, in addition to the traditional steps for prevention/diagnosis, optimize the condition of the entire mind and body with products and services that lead to “Curing ME-BYO” thereby creating the “value” of leading healthy lives. These industries will be developed as “from Kanagawa” industries.

Towards the Creation of ME-BYO Industry

Spreading the concept of “ME-BYO” could help resolve various challenges. These include transforming people’s behavior and creating the demand for a “ME-BYO Industry” that provides “Curing ME-BYO” products and services. Also, popularizing the “ME-BYO” concept could help establish the effectiveness of “ME-BYO Industry” products and services, and hasten reforms to remove regulatory barriers that stand in the way of creating a “ME-BYO Industry.”

Spreading the “ME-BYO” Concept


While visiting the United States in 2014, Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa used the word “ME-BYO” to explain the concept that was yet unfamiliar to the local audience. Having received a favorable response for the use of the word during the trip, on January 24, 2015, a trademark application for the word "ME-BYO" was made to the Patent Office, and on June 27, 2015, the word was registered.

By holding aggressive public relations campaigns such as using the trademark “ME-BYO” in PR magazines and pamphlets, the underlying “ME-BYO” concept can be popularized. In addition, displaying the term on related services and products will help establish “ME-BYO” as a familiar brand name.

Establishing the Association for "ME-BYO Industry Creation"

Establishing the Association for ME-BYO Industry Creation

On August 22, 2014, the “ME-BYO Industry Association” was established as a forum for consultation and practice for resolving the challenges facing the creation of ME-BYO Industries. The membership includes a wide variety of industries and others associated with “ME-BYO”.

The Association aims to utilize initiatives such as the National Strategic Special Zones to create new industries such as “from Kanagawa ME-BYO Industry” which could become growth industries within Kanagawa’s super-aged society. In turn, the creation of “ME-BYO Industries helps to prolong the nation’s healthy life, and contributes to revitalize Japan’s economy while helping to create the new Healthcare System. The Association will broadcast these activities widely, both nationally and internationally.

Business to Promote the Creation of ME-BYO Market

Utilizing the national Government’s "local creation" grants (local consumption support/living expense support type grants), businesses will be started to enable Kanagawa residents to purchase “ME-BYO” related products and services at a discount.

By asking the consumers to participate in a monitor survey at the time of purchase, it is hoped that further consumer spending, awareness of health needs of the residents, and the creation and expansion of ME-BYO industry will be achieved. (For details, see special site)

ME-BYO House Lab

The concept of ME-BYO House Lab is “Visualizing ME-BYO,” which includes monitoring the health of household members in everyday life. As the house is the base of everyday life, it can be considered to be the most suitable place to detect changes of biorhythm.

The House Lab contains various devices and machines using the latest technology to measure various indicators of health. This enables people to manage his/her own health with more timely and accurate information, thereby leading to better health and longevity.

ME-BYO House Lab

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