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Prefecture's Emblem

Prefecture’s Emblem

Kanagawa Prefecture's emblem was selected from the works presented by the prefectural citizens, and was officially established on Nov. 3, 1948. It was designed after the first Chinese character of the prefecture's name "Kanagawa". This emblem is used for the Prefecture's flag and publications as the symbol of Kanagawa Prefecture.

For comments / questions on Prefecture's Emblem, please contact the Office of the Governor division.

Prefecture's Bird, Sea Gull

Sea Gull

"Sea gull" was officially designated as the Prefecture's bird in May 1965, selected from those recommended by the citizens. The sea gull is popular over the world, and is suited for the Prefecture's bird as we have the Port of Yokohama, the Japan's ocean gateway.

Because of its elegant form, the sea gull is said to be the symbol of international peace. And thus, it is appropriate for the Prefecture's bird, as realization of peaceful international society where all peoples are united by trust and friendship is a wish of the prefectural citizens.


Prefecture's Tree, Ginkgo


"Ginkgo" was selected for the prefecture's tree by citizens' vote from the 4 trees; namely, ginkgo, mountain cherry, zelcova and white oak. Ginkgo is suited for the climate of Kanagawa, and has been planted in the precincts of temples and shrines since olden times. Because the ginkgo grows fast and lives long, it is also planted in parks and on the roadside these days.

The ginkgo is also suitable for expanding the idea to cherish trees for creating a verdant environment and enriching our daily life.


Prefecture's Flower, Gold-banded Lily

Gold-banded lily

"Gold-banded lily" obtained the highest marks in the vote by citizens, and was designated as the first Prefecture's flower in Japan in January 1951. Gold-banded lily is a flower peculiar to Japan, and known to have the floral language of "total beauty and solemnity." It is suited for Kanagawa's climate and land, and blooms in various parts of the prefecture, such as Miura Peninsula, Tsukui Region, Tanzawa and Hakone Mountains. The flower has been loved by many people from olden times for its graceful beauty.


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Prefectural Citizens' Song "Hikari Aratani"

When the prefecture's emblem was officially established on Nov. 3, 1948, it was also decided to create Prefecture's song that would be loved by citizens for a long period of time. The public was invited to send the songs, and the one made by Mr. Terumitsu Murase was selected. Mr. Yoshio Katsu, a poet, revised the song, and Mr. Nobuo Iida composed music for it. The prefectural citizens' song was completed on April 10, 1950.

Prefectural Citizens' Song "Hikari Aratani" ; (fresh sunlight)

Written by Terumitsu Murase / Revised by Yoshio Katsu / Composed by Nobuo Iida


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