Kanagawa Prefecture is a treasure house of tourism resources. It has attractive cities, such as Yokohama, where modernization of Japan started, Kamakura, which is filled with atmosphere of history and culture, and Odawara, a castle town. The prefecture also boasts the hot spring resorts representing Japan, such as Hakone and Yugawara. It is blessed with abundant nature, too. There are lush mountain ranges of Tanzawa and Oyama, and beautiful coastlines continue from the Miura Peninsula to the Manazuru Peninsula through the Shonan beach. Over 150 million people visit various parts of the prefecture every year.

Please come and visit our fascinating and lively prefecture Kanagawa. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you.

KanagawaPrefecture and 3 Cities of Kamakura, Yokohama, and Zushi are aiming for registration of “Kamakura, Home of the Samurai” as a World Heritage site.