Future of the Dance


Future of the Dance

A collaborative work by Kaiji Moriyama, Kodue Hibino and Kohske Kawase based on the theme of "Each one of us has a different body"

*As part of the "LIVE BONE" series, in addition to the new film which was created by Kaiji Moriyama who invited the dancer with a prosthetic leg, Koichi Omae, as a guest artist in the Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall, one of the most famous buildings by Kunio Maekawa, Koichi Omae’s solo performance and “WONDER WATER”, where a fantastic world of the ocean with diverse living things co-exist is depicted, will be showcased.

Since its premiere in 2010, LIVE BONE has been performed in more than 27 cities in Japan and abroad and is one of Kaiji Moriyama's masterpieces. Teaming up with Kodue Hibino (costumes) and Kohske Kawase (music), who were creators behind the popular "Odoru Naizo" series on NHK Educational TV (now E-tele) that were broadcast from 2003, this non-stop dance performance uses body parts such as bones, internal organs, limbs, and blood as motifs to humorously dance through the universe of the human body and the continuing life. The performance pursues a site-specific form that is not confined to a fixed format, but changes shape according to the venue and the people involved.



LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall

As part of the "LIVE BONE" series, three new films were shot at the Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall, one of Kunio Maekawa's most famous buildings, with guest artist Koichi Omae, a dancer with a prosthetic leg.


LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall "BODY difference | Organ Rendezvous", LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall "BODY resonance | Play the Air", LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall "BODY face | Look at You"



LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall 
"BODY difference | Organ Rendezvous"



LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall 
"BODY resonance | Play the Air"



LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall 
"BODY face | Look at You"



LIVE BONE x Koichi Omae

Koichi Omae, a dancer with a prosthetic leg, explores the limits of dance expression in an extremely empty space devoid of decoration, using only his body to explore the theme of the heartbeat.


White Asparagus x Kodue Hibino x Kohske Kawase 

The contemporary circus company White Asparagus, dressed in colourful costumes of fish, sea anemones, seaweed, etc by Kodue Hibino, accompanied by the music of Kohske Kawase, use acrobatic physical expression to bring to life the fantastic world of the ocean, where a diverse creatures live together.


森山開次©Sadato Ishizuka

Direction of the dance division/dancer, choreographer
Kaiji Moriyama

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
In 2005, he directed and choreographed his own solo work "KATANA", with which he was described by the New York Times as "an amazing dancer", and was invited to the Venice Biennale in 2007.
He won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Prize and three other awards for “Mandala no Uchu” in 2013.
In the same year, he was the main performer at the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival of Japan in Tokyo, and Japan Cultural Envoy.

Costume artist
Kodue Hibino

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Graduated from the design course of Department of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts.
As a costume artist, she has worked in a wide range of fields including advertising, theatre, dance, ballet, film, television and exhibitions.
She was awarded the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix for New Artists, the Shiseido award, etc., and in 1997, she changed her name from Kodue Naito.
She is currently in charge of set costumes for NHK E-tele’s "Nihongo de Asobo (Let's play with Japanese)".

Composer, artist
Kohske Kawase

Born in Kyoto in 1970 and raised in Tokyo.
In 2002, he made his debut as an artist with "Long Autumn Sweet Thing".
In 2010, his masterpiece "Bearings Glocken II" was exhibited at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival and drew attention. "It is my mission to awaken the emotions that lie dormant in your heart.”

Dancer with a prosthetic leg
Koichi Omae

At the age of 24, his left leg was amputated after being hit by a car driving out of control, and his dream of becoming a dancer was cut short, but he miraculously revived himself as a dancer with a prosthetic leg.
He has won numerous national and international competitions.
In 2016, he danced a solo as a dancer with a prosthetic leg at the closing ceremony of the Rio Paralympics, and was praised by the world.
*Excerpt from the System Brain website.

Contemporary circus company
White Asparagus
Kai Taniguchi (circus performer)

Leader of the contemporary circus company gokko.
A graduate of Sawairi International Circus School.
Pursuing the possibilities of the circus-like body, he has been working on the street, stage, circus, and recently on YouTube.
He has performed in Nagamekurashitsu, "Kaze no Matasaburo" by Hiroshi Koike, "Circus" directed by Kaiji Moriyama, etc.
He is currently working as a circus duo White Asparagus with the juggler Hachiro.
Hachiro (juggler) was born in Osaka in 1991.
He found the world of juggling at the age of 12 and after graduating high school, he trained at circus schools and performing arts schools in Japan. He performs juggling with his own unique rhythm using the techniques he learned during the school days.
He has worked both in Japan and abroad in juggling, dance, theatre, various theatres and street performance festivals across genres.


Sculptor, contemporary artist
Ichitaro Suzuki

Sculptor, contemporary artist.
He creates sculptures using the digital graphic expression of the early days of computer games, known as pixel art or dot art.
By making pixel art three-dimensional, he expresses a new relationship between reality and virtual reality in the information society.

Kohei Fujimura
Film director

Born in Kanagawa.
Graduated from Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba.
As a dancer, he has performed in works by Kaiji Moriyama, Motoko Hirayama, Hiroaki Umeda, and others, as well as collaborating with Kodue Hibino and Kohske Kawase, and presenting "instant scorer", in which he plays and dances on his own instruments.
As a filmmaker specialising in the performing arts, he has worked on a number of films including "zero" by Kaiji Moriyama, Kodue Hibino and Kohske Kawase.


Photo Gallery

ギャラリー ダンス壁 ギャラリー ホール

ギャラリー ダンスロビー柱 ギャラリー 大前壁

ギャラリー 大前HIKARI 左 ギャラリー 大前HIKARI 右



Lighting designer: Noriyuki Mori (”LIVE BONE x Koichi Omae”, “WONDER WATER”)
Costume assistant: Mayumi Yumoto, Asuka Yamamoto (”LIVE BONE x Koichi Omae”, “WONDER WATER”)
Filming assistants: Tatsuki Amano (LIVE BONE x Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall), Naoki Takeshi Naoki (”LIVE BONE x Koichi Omae”, “WONDER WATER”)
Production assistant: Kaori Muramatsu (”LIVE BONE x Koichi Omae”, “WONDER WATER”)
Producer: Namiko Noguchi