Rent Subsidy






Rent Subsidy to Promote New Locations of Foreign Businesses

We assist foreign businesses in establishing a new site in Kanagawa!


Foreign fims that meet the following requirements

  •  Greater than one-third foreign ownership
  •  Business development by firms outside the Prefecutre or reinvestment by firms within the Prefecture

  •  Engaged in any of the following industries

     1) ME-BYO industries,

     2) robotics industries,

     3) energy-related industries,

     4) tourism-related industries,

     5) advanced materials-related industries,

     6) advanced medical industries,

     7) IT/electronics-related industries,

     8) transportation equipment/machinery industries

  •  Minimum of 5 full-time employees

     (At least 3 of them must be Japanese citizens or permanent residents)


Subsidy Amount:

  • One-third of the monthly rent (excluding consumption tax, deposits, and key money) for the first 6 months.
  • Up to ¥6 million. 



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