KANAGAWA Biotech Companies

KANAGAWA Biotech Companies

Accelerating the innovation along with Kanagawa biotech companies

Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area and is home of  33% of Japan’s population and 37% of the national economy. It is an attractive area of continuous development, supported by industries with advanced technical capabilities and a wealth of industrial human resources.

Many technologically advanced bio enterprises and healthcare-related businesses are clustered in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center (KIP), and the Japan External Trade Organization’s Yokohama Trade and Industrial Information Center (JETRO Yokohama)  are publicizing biotech and healthcare-related companies that are particularly interested in establishing  business bases overseas or conducting international business, who have been recommended by municipalities and economic organizations in the prefecture.

This brochure is published in the hope of making these companies’ excellent products known extensively and thereby helping them to create new business opportunities and eventually contribute to the further vitalization of Kanagawa’s industry and economy.

Company Profile [PDF/8.12MB]

Company Name Head Office


BioMedCore Inc. Yokohama City 05
Fuji Molecular Planning Co.,Ltd. Yokohama City 07
GeneCare Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Kamakura City 09
Jellyfish Research Laboratories,Inc. Kawasaki City 11
J-Pharma Co.,Ltd. Yokohama City 13
Medical ProteoScope Co.,Ltd. Yokohama City 15
MEDICALSCIENCE Co.,Ltd. Yokohama City 17
NanoDex Inc. Kawasaki City 19
ReproCELL,Inc. Yokohama City 21
SCIVAX Life Sciences,Inc. Kawasaki City 23

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