Introductory Video of Kanagawa Prefecture’s Investment Environment "Fascinating Kanagawa"


Introducing Kanagawa’s investment environment

Along with the advanced globalization of economic activities, a growing number of Kanagawa-based companies are expanding business overseas and their counterparts abroad are coming to Kanagawa. Thus, business opportunities are increasing for both sides.

Kanagawa boasts its excellent international business and living environment as well as advanced business support measures. This multi-language video was made (in 2013) to widely and effectively promote these strengths and charms of Kanagawa.

The video is used for the Governor’s overseas promotional activities, as well as to attract foreign investment to the prefecture.

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MC Akiko Yagi, who serves as the Kanagawa Tourism Goodwill Ambassador, introduces an overview of Kanagawa Prefecture, including its population, economic scale and accumulation of industries.



2.Strengths of Kanagawa

Kanagawa has very good access to overseas destinations with a larger number of international flights to and from Haneda Airport. Watch an interview with the representative of MOOG Japan Ltd, an American company that has its headquarters and factory in Hiratsuka City and Asia Pacific headquarters in Yokohama City.



3.Excellent R&D; Capacity

Research institutes of the world’s leading companies, SMEs with unique technologies and many universities are concentrated in Kanagawa, bringing with them an excellent R&D; capacity to the prefecture. Watch interviews withNissan, which has its headquarters, plants and research centers in Kanagawa, and TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd., a subsidiary of a German testing and certification agency, with its head office and laboratory in the prefecture.



4.Outstanding Human Resources

Kanagawa has the largest number of highly-skilled researchers and engineers in the country. Watch interviews with an American company, Proto Labs G.K., and an Indian company, KGISJ, which have their headquarters and plant in Kanagawa.



5.Strong Support System

Kanagawa’s one-stop support system meets the needs of foreign companies considering investment in Japan. “Invest Kanagawa 2nd Step (*)”, an incentive package program, is worth checking out for those who seek business opportunities in Kanagawa.

 "Select Kanagwa 100"has been introduced to replace "Invest Kanagawa 2nd Step" in 2016.



An introduction to the two Special Zones: “The International Strategy Comprehensive Special Zone of Life Innovation in Keihin Coastal Area” and “The Sagami Robot Industry Special Zone”.


6.A Comfortable and Pleasant Place to Live

Kanagawa has an excellent living environment for foreign nationals, including international schools and hospitals with multilingual services. You will also find nice sightseeing spots that provide enjoyment to life in Kanagawa.



7.Message by Governor Kuroiwa

Yuji Kuroiwa, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, tells you about the prefecture’s investment climate and new projects.



Representatives of foreign companies doing business in Kanagawa assure viewers of the excellent business environment of the prefecture.


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