KANAGAWA Smart Energy Initiative

 Kanagawa Smart Energy Initiative Shaping the Future Today

KANAGAWA Smart Energy Initiative

Kanagawa Prefecture is located within the Tokyo metropolitan region, which accounts for 33% of Japan’s population and 37% of its economy. Kanagawa Prefecture is an attractive area that is continuing to grow thanks to industries with sophisticated technological capabilities and an abundant industrial work force.
Numerous companies in the new energy sector that possess sophisticated technology are clustered here in Kanagawa
Three organizations, namely, the prefectural government, the Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Yokohama Trade Information Center, have joined together to introduce companies from among these new energy sector firms that are particularly interested in doing business or expanding overseas and have been recommended by local governments or business organizations.
This pamphlet was published with the goal of widely publicizing these companies’ excellent products in an effort to produce new business opportunities and to thereby stimulate Kanagawa Prefecture’s industries and economy.

Company Profile [PDF/2.16MB]

Product Category Company Name Head Office Page
Energy creation sector/
Energy saving sector/
Energy storage sector
Paltek Corporation Yokohama City 7
Energy creation sector Ulvac-Riko,Inc. Yokohama City 7
PVG Solutions Inc. Yokohama City 8
IA Corporation Yokohama City 8
Keisoku Giken Co., Ltd. Yokohama City 9
Taiyo Denon Corporation Kawasaki City 9
Fukushima Electronics Co., Ltd. Kawasaki City 10
Nagatsu Precision Mold Co., Ltd. Kawasaki City 10
Gantan Beauty Industry Co., Ltd. Fujisawa City 11
Gritex International Limited Hiratsuka City 11
Tanaka Hydropower Co., Ltd. Zama City 12
Kyoritsu Co., Ltd. Sagamihara City 12
QRS Co., Ltd. Sagamihara City 13
Energy saving sector Honda Sangyo Co., Ltd Yokohama City 13
Sanko Name Co., Ltd Yokohama City 14
Shimadakogyo Engineering Works Co., Ltd. Kasawaki City 14
Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd. Kawasaki City 15
Soushow Co., Ltd. Kawasaki City 15
iForcom Co., Ltd. Sagamihara City 16
Regal Joint Co., Ltd. Sagamihara City 16
Nix, Inc. Yokohama City 17
Hosoya & Co., Ltd. Ayase City 17
Yokohama City Dymco, Ltd. Yokohama City 18
Baysun Co., Ltd. Yokohama City 18
Showa Precision Tools Co., Ltd Yokohama City 19
KM Laboratory CO., LTD Yamato City 19
Ibridacell Co., Ltd. Fujisawa City 20
Saima Corporation Fujisawa City 20
Japanese Super-conductivity Organization
Co., Ltd
Ebina City 21

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