A trip to visit a market and sightseeing spots of Oiso



*1 To move from Former House Shimazaki Toson to Prefectural Oiso Joyama Park, take a bus 【平46】 bound for the south exit of Ninomiya Sta. at a bus stop on National Route 1 for three minutes. (Get on the bus at “Tokando” and get off at “Joyama-koen-mae”.)
*2 To move from Prefectural Oiso Joyama Park to Oiso Station, take a bus 【磯13】 bound for Oiso Station for six minutes. (Get on at “Joyama-koen-mae” and get off at “Oiso-eki”.)
*3 Transportation time is a rough estimate.
*4 The contents of this route are as of December 2017.
*5 Oiso Market is held on the third Sundays. (Not opened in case of rough weather.) 

Course guide

JR Oiso Sta.

- 10-min. walk -

1. Oiso Market



In this route, you visit Oiso Market, which is held on the third Sundays, and other sightseeing spots in the city. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from Oiso Station to Oiso Port, the venue of the market.
Oiso Market, which began in 2009, is one of the largest outdoor markets in Kanagawa Prefecture. It developed into a very popular event which receives over 5,000 visitors every time. You can purchase food like bread, pickles, wine, jam and fresh vegetable as well as miscellaneous goods. There are many food trucks that offer snacks. It must be very nice to buy lunch here and go on a picnic viewing the ocean of Shonan under the blue sky. 

The market is canceled in case of rough weather.
During summer time, the market is held at night.
Stores in the market are different every time.

[See the map of the Oiso Port area]
[Information on Oiso Market (currently only in Japanese)]  

- 10-min. walk -

2. Shigitatsu-an


Shigitatsu-an is a time-honored Haikai poetry practice hall which was established in the early Edo period. The building with a thatched roof is giving off traditional Japanese atmosphere. 

[See the map of Shigitatsu-an]

- 5-min. walk -

3. Former House Shimazaki Touson


Toson Shimazaki is a famous poet and novelist in the early 20th century. This is a house where he lived in his later years. You may be surprised to know that a great writer like Toson lived in such a humble house. Toson loved Oiso and now rests at the nearby Jifuku-ji Temple.

[See the map of Former House Shimazaki Touson]

- 10-min. walk and bus ride -

4. Former YOSHIDA Residence District



Let’s take a bus from a bus stop on National Route 1 to go to Prefectural Oiso Joyama Park. The Park consists of the Former YOSHIDA Residence District on the sea side and the Former MITSUI Villa District on the inland side with National Route 1 in between. 
First, we will go to the Former YOSHIDA Residence District.
Oiso Town is known as an area where statesmen used to have their villas in the Meiji period and afterwards. There was a residence of former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida in this zone. Though once burnt down, the residence was restored and opened to the public since April 2017 (requires admission fee). 
You can enjoy a wonderful Japanese garden. There is a statue of Shigeru Yoshida on the beachside path looking toward San Francisco where Peace Treaty was signed.

[See the map of the Former YOSHIDA Residence District]
[Information on the Former YOSHIDA Residence District]
[Information on Prefectural Oiso Joyama Park (currently only in Japanese)]

- 2-min. walk -

5. Former MITSUI Villa District



The Former MITSUI Villa District is situated across the former YOSHIDA Residence District. There used to be a villa built by the head of Mitsui zaibatsu conglomerate in the Meiji period. Beautiful bamboo forest spreads in front of Oiso Municipal Museum, and the observatory there commands a superb view of beautiful and magnificent Mt. Fuji. A recommended spot to visit on a fine winter day. You can enjoy green powdered tea and season’s Japanese sweets at the resting place of the tea ceremony house in the park.

[See the map of the former MITSUI Villa Ditrict]
[Information on the Former MITSUI Villa District]
[Information on Prefectural Oiso Joyama Park (currently only in Japanese)]

- 10-min. walk and bus ride -

JR Oiso Sta.

Other recommended points

There are many other must-see spots in Oiso in addition to the places introduced here. Please visitthe websites of Oiso Town “Iso-tabi.com”andOiso Town Tourist Association (currently only in Japanese) for information.

Rental bicycles are available atInformation Center in front of Oiso Station (currently only in Japanese) andPort House Terugasaki (currently only in Japanese).

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