Sightseeing route to enjoy aromatic autumn rose and spectacular views in Hiratsuka & Oiso



* 1 This course is for tourists traveling by car. 
* 2 Transportation time is a rough estimate.
* 3 The contents of this route are as of September 2017.

Course guide

1. Kana Garden


At Kanagawa Prefectural botanical center Kana Garden, seasonal flowers always await you. In spring and autumn, the garden boasts roses of the widest variety in the Kanto region. Rose festivals are held to in the flowering period, attracting many visitors. 
Autumn roses are said to have more aroma than spring roses and especially give off stronger fragrance in the morning. In addition to roses, you can enjoy the rustic and primitive beauty of kochia and perennial salvia from late September to October.
[See the map of Kana Garden]
[Website of Kana Garden (currently only in Japanese)]

2. Kitchen Hana

キッチン Hana(写真)

Located in Kana Garden, Kitchen Hana is an Italian style restaurant serving cuisine prepared with selected seasonal ingredients with special sauce. Enjoy the dishes making use of the natural taste of ingredients. 
Next to Kitchen Hana is a sundries shop Dear Capek named after Karel Capek, a famous Czech author also known as a gardener of early 20th Century. 
There is a display of “House and garden of Capek” in the premises. 

[Website of Kitchen Hana and Dear Capek (currently only in Japanese)]

- 1-min. walk -


3. Asatsuyu Square


Asatsuyu Square is a farm market of JA Shonan located across Kana Garden. Farm and fishery products from Hiratsuka City, Oiso Town and Ninomiya Town are sold here. White bait, specialty of this area, is also put on the market when available. (White bait fishing is prohibited from December to March.)
“Gelato & soft ice cream Asatsuyu Kobo” next to the square serves Italian style ice cream made with seasonal fruits and vegetables.
[See the map of JA Shonan Asatsuyu Square]
[Website of JA Shonan Asatsuyu Square (currently only in Japanese)]

- 20-min. drive -

4. Shonandaira Hill



Shonandaira Hill is known for its superb panoramic view of coastline of Shonan in the east, Mt. Fuji and Hakone mountains in the west, Oshima Island in the south and Mt. Oyama and Mt. Tanzawa in the north. 
The best viewing spots are TV tower and Komayama-koen rest house. On a clear day in autumn or winter, you can enjoy a boundless view seen only in this area. 
Another highlight of Shonandaira Hill is night-view, which is completely different from daytime. 

[See the map of Shonandaira Hill]
[Website on Shonandaira Hill]

5. Restaurant Flat



Flat, a local-consumption-type restaurant with a great view, serves sweets and meals prepared with delicious ingredients produced in Hiratsuka. Their recommendation in autumn are rose-flavored waffle and sweet potato waffle. Also recommended is their original coffee made with beans roasted by the winner of a coffee roasting competition. 

[See the map of Restaurant Flat]
[Website of Restaurant Flat (currently only in Japanese)]

- 20-min. drive -

6. Terugasaki Beach



This beach is one of the best Mt. Fuji viewing spots. In addition to Mt. Fuji, you can see Hakone mountains on a fine day in autumn and winter. As the landing zone of white-bellied green pigeons, Terugasaki Beach is designated as natural monument by Kanagawa Prefectural Government. (The migrant birds come from early May to October.)

[See the map of Terugasaki Beach]

Other recommended points

There are many other must-see spots in Hiratsuka and Oiso in addition to the places introduced here.
 Hiratsuka City
For more information, please visitthe website of Hiratsuka CityorHiratsuka Tourist Association
For information on Kana Garden, see this website (currently only in Japanese). 
 Oiso Town
For more information, please visit“”, tourism information website of the town, orwebsite of Oiso Town Tourist Association (currently only in Japanese).

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