Sightseeing route in Chigasaki and Fujisawa to fully enjoy summer ocean of Shonan



* 1 Use a paid parking lot nearby.
* 2 See this website for the details of Enoshima Escar (currently only in Japanese).
* 3 This course is for tourists traveling by car. 
* 4 Transportation time is a rough estimate.
* 5 The contents of this route are as of July 2017.

Course guide

Parking lot near Southern Beach Chigasaki

- walk -

1. Eboshi-iwa pleasure boat




Let’s go to closely see Eboshi-iwa rock, one of the icons of the Shonan area, on board Eboshi-maru boat. 
Eboshi-iwa rock (officially called Ubajima) was named after the cap “eboshi” worn by noblemen in the Heian Period. Located 1.6km off-shore, the rock was formed by the swell of the seabed long time ago (12 million years ago, according to one estimate). Though Eboshi-iwa looks like one large rock when seen from the shore, it consists of about 30 rocks in various sizes, forming a rock reef altogether. 
The boat tour takes about 40 minutes, varying depending on the weather. You must be impressed by the rugged looks of the rock. 

[See the map of Eboshi-iwa pleasure boat]
[Website on Eboshi-iwa]
[Website of Eboshi-iwa pleasure boat “Eboshi-maru” (currently only in Japanese)]

 The cruise can be canceled depending on the weather condition in addition to the regular closing days. Please be sure to make a reservation beforehand, and confirm that the service is available on the morning of the planned cruise day by phone (only in Japanese). (Check the phone no. in the above website.)

 Please call Tosen Eboshi-maru Co., beforehand for the age limit and other requirements for the cruise.

- 3-min. walk -


2. Chigasaki Southern C


Next destination is Chigasaki Southern C, the symbol of the city. It is also famous as the matchmaking spot. It is a very good photo spot where you can take a photo of the big “C” with Eboshi-iwa rock showing in the center. 

[See the map of Chigasaki Southern C]
[Website on Chigasaki Southern C]


- walk -

3. Lunch at a cafe

You can find stylish cafes and restaurants in the area near Southern Beach Chigasaki where Chigasaki Southern C is located. Enjoy delicious lunch feeling breeze of Shonan viewing the ocean.

[Website on cafes and restaurants near Southern Beach Chigasaki (currently only in Japanese)]


Parking lot in Enoshima area 

4. Enoshima Aquarium


Opened in 1954 as the first modern-type aquarium of Japan, Enoshima Aquarium was totally renovated in 2004. On the theme of Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the treasury of sea lives, the aquarium introduces the biology of various marine creatures. 
In addition to the main display of the Big Sagami Bay Tank, there are fantastic jellyfish exhibits and dolphin shows. Deep submerge vehicle Shinkai 2000, which has been used for marine research of Japan for over 20 years, is on the display, too. 
Enoshima is also known as the birthplace of marine biology in Japan. The first marine biology research facility in Japan was established on the east side of Enoshima Island by Edward S Morse, an American zoologist who taught at the University of Tokyo. 

[See the map of Enoshima Aquarium]
[Website of Enoshima Aquarium]


- 15-min. walk -

5. Olympic Commemorative Fountain (on Enoshima Island)


It is about 15-min. walk over Enoshima Benten Bridge from the aquarium to Enoshima Island. Olympic Commemorative Fountain is located in the Kita-ryokuchi square at the entrance of the island. The fountain was built in commemoration of Tokyo Olympic Games of 1964. 

[See the map of Olympic Commemorative Fountain]

- 2-min. walk -

6. Enoshima Benzaiten Sarasvati shopping street



There are many eateries and souvenir shops along and around the street. Enjoy the taste of white bait, specialty of this area, and other delicacies from the sea.

[See the map of Enoshima Benzaiten shopping street]

- 3-min. by Enoshima Escar -

7. Enoshima Shrine


Enoshima Shrine worships the deity of the ocean. 
Its origin traces back to the 6th century, when people enshrined the God in the rock cave. Presently the god is worshipped for good luck in marine and land transportation, fisheries, as well as good fortune and art performance. 
From Nakatsunomiya square, you can have a panoramic view of Enoshima Yacht Harbor. The site of the sailing competition of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 will host the sailing games again in the upcoming Tokyo 2020. 

You can reach Enoshima Shrine by Enoshima Escar, a 106m-long escalator. The Escar consists of three parts and you can stop over at the end of 1st and 2nd part.

[See the map of Enoshima Shrine (Nakatsunomiya)]
[Website of Enoshima Escar (currently only in Japanese)]
[Website of Enoshima Shrine]

- 1-min. by Enoshima Escar -


8. Samuel Cocking Garden and Enoshima Sea Candle


The terminus of Enoshima Escar is almost at the top of the mountain-shaped island. Samuel Cocking Garden located in this area is a half Japanese and half Western style garden. You can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants in this garden which was originally established by Samuel Cocking, a British merchant in the Meiji era. 
Enoshima Sea Candle, the symbol of the island and the Shonan area, stands in this garden. Sea Candle is a lighthouse with indoor and outdoor observatory floors, which command a splendid sea view from the height of 100m above sea level. When the weather is clear, the observatory overlooks Mt. Fuji, Miura Peninsula, Boso Peninsula, Izu Peninshula and Toshima Island on the ocean side, and Yokohama Landmark Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree and the Shonan area on the land side. 
Various events take place in Samuel Cocking Garden through the year round. In summertime, for example, 1,000 lanterns are lit over the island, creating a fantastic atmosphere. 

[See the map of Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden]
[Website of Enoshima Samurl Cocking Garden (currently only in Japanese)]


- 25-min. walk -

Enoshima Aquarium area


Other recommended points

There are many other must-see spots in Chigasaki and Fujisawa in addition to the places introduced here.

 Chigasaki City
For other destinations, see the website ofChigasaki City Tourism Association (currently only in Japanese)orChigasaki City
 Fujisawa City
For other destinations, visit “Discover Fujisawa”.
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