Sightseeing route to visit spring Hadano for cherry blossom viewing and famous springs



* 1 You can view the cherry blossom of Hadano City Minami Elementary School from outside of the premises.
* 2 Transportation time is a rough estimate.
* 3 The contents of this route are as of March 2017.

Course guide

Hadano Sta. on the Odakyu Odawara Line

- 5-min. walk -

1. Imaizumi-meisui-sakura Park



Located five-minute walk from the south exit of Hadano Station, the Park features Imaizumi spring pond which boasts clear water that wells up 2,500 tons a day. The water is highly transparent and you can see the fish and even the bottom of the pond clearly.
The pond is lined by cherry trees of 18 species, which come into bloom at different times and show beautiful blossoms even after spring.

[See the map of Imaizumi-meisui-sakura Park]
[Website of Imaizumi-meisui-sakura Park (currently only in Japanese)]

- 6-min. walk -

2. Maimai-no-izumi


Walking six minutes from the Park, you will arrive at Hadano City Minami Citizens’ Hall where Maimai-no-izumi is located.
Maimai-no-izumi is a public water point providing famous water of Hadano, which was developed using the well made to monitor underground water. The water naturally wells up from 20 meters underground without using power pump.

[See the map of Maimai-no-izumi] 
[Website of Maimai-no-izumi (currently only in Japanese)]

- 3-min.walk -

3. Cherry blossom at Hadano City Minami Elementary School


There are two tall cherry trees in the school yard. Someiyoshino, or Prunus yedoensis, is said to live for about 60 years, and so there are not many existing old ones. The two trees were planted here when the school opened in 1892. The 120-year old Someiyoshinos are very rare even in the country.
Visitors are not allowed to enter the school premises for cherry blossom viewing, but you can see the trees closely from the front on the southern side of the school yard.

[See the map of Hadano City Minami Elementary School] 
[Website on the cherry trees of Hadano City Minami Elementary School (currently only in Japanese)]

- 4-min. walk -

4. Shirasasa-inari Shrine




Going further to the south for four minutes from the school, you will see Shirasasa-inari Shrine. On the front left side of the shrine archway is a purification trough where spring water of Hadano is flowing.

[See the map of Shirasasa-inari Shrine]
[Website of Shirasasa-inari Shrine (currently only in Japanese)]


- 3-min. walk -

5. Hadano-sakura-michi



Prefectural Route 62 lies in the south of Shirasasa-inari Shrine. There is a cherry blossom viewing spot along the road called “Hadano-sakura-michi (cherry-tree-lined path)”, which stretches 6.2km, the longest in Kanagawa.

[See the map of Hadano-sakura-michi]
[Website of Hadano-sakura-michi (currently only in Japanese)]

- 10-min. walk -

6. Lake Shinsei-ko



Lake Shinsei-ko was formed by an earthquake. When the Great Kanto Earthquake took place, hills in the vicinity collapsed 200 meters and blocked the mountain river to form a lake. You can take a walk around the lake, which is about 1km, enjoying cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn.

[See the map of Lake Shinsei-ko]
[Website of Lake Shinsei-ko (currently only in Japanese)]


- 12-min.walk -

7. Izumo-taisha Shrine Sagami branch




The Shrine is regarded as having divine favor in matchmaking, and has appeared in a movie. On the west side of the precincts, there is a spring called “water from thousand years-old forest”, which is surrounded by artificial forest of various kinds of trees and a creak. Since the water is very clean, you can see fireflies in summer.

[See the map of Izumo-taisha Shrine Sagami branch]
[Website of Izumo-taisha Shrine Sagami branch (currently only in Japanese)]

- 20-min. walk -

Hadano Sta. on the Odakyu Odawara Line

Other recommended points

There are many other must-see spots in Hadano in addition to the places introduced here.

Please visit the websites ofHadano City Tourist Association (currently only in Japanese)andHadano City (Please select the language on the top of the window.) for information.

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