Walk along Enoshima-michi and Oyama-michi(Part 2:Tsujido to Hiratsuka・Tamura)


(This course is the Tsujido to Hiratsuka・Tamura leg of the course from Enoshima to Oyama.)

During the Edo Period, “Oyama-mairi,” or climbing the mountain to pray, was very popular among the general public.

When the population of Edo was one million, about 200,000 people visited Mt. Oyama every year.

It was common to journey to worship the goddess Benzaiten in Enoshima after worshiping the god of Mt. Oyama, so much that there is a classical rakugo story about Oyama-mairi.

This course does the opposite, going from Enoshima to Oyama.

It is difficult now to follow the exact path that was used, but this course will take you from Tsujido to Hiratsuka・Tamura using signposts and other markers.

In Part 1, we introduced a course from Enoshima to Tsujido. This time, the course is from Tsujido to Tamura in Hiratsuka City.

Course guide

JR Tsujido Station

 ▼ approx. 5-min. by bus 

Jonan Ichichome bus stop

This is the last bus stop from Part 1. We start from here.

There are many branching roads, so refer to Map ⑤(JPG:73KB) as you go.


 ▼  approx. 1-min. walk 

Orido Jizo

Located where the road splits in two.

Take the road on the left as shown in Map ⑤(JPG:73KB).

 ▼ approx. 6-min. walk 

There is complicated branching. Proceed according to Map ⑤(JPG:73KB) and take Prefectural Route 44.

 ▼ approx. 21-min. walk(Prefectural Route 44) ▼

Shorin Village Office Monument

There is an inscription about Oyama-michi on the stone monument.

 ▼ approx. 3-min. walk(Prefectural Route 44) ▼

Shinmei Okami Shrine torii gate

The entrance to Akabane Shinmei Okami Shrine, said to have been built by Minamoto No Yoshiie.

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk(Prefectural Route 44) ▼

Six Jizo of Akabane

There is a memorial stone for the Oyama-kaido road in the cemetery in the back.

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk(Prefectural Route 44) ▼

Kumano Shrine

Founded as a branch shrine of Kumano-hongu Shrine (Kii Province) by Tadataka, the father of Ooka Tadasuke (governor of Echizen Province).

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk 

Takada Intersection

Get off Prefectural Route 44 here.

 ▼ approx. 5-min. walk 

Intersection at Matsukazedai

The road has several more branches ahead.

Proceed according to Map ⑥(JPG:72KB).

 ▼ approx. 15-min. walk 

Merge onto Prefectural Route 45

As shown on Map ⑦(JPG:54KB) ,the road merges with Prefectural Route 45 here.

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Omagari Bridge

This is said to be the birthplace of the folktale “Kappa and the Sake Flask.”

 ▼ approx. 18-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Keikan Temple

Things to see include the pagoda and the statue of Kobo Daishi.

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Ichinomiya Hachiman Shrine

There is a large torii gate on the side of the road.

You’ll also find many stone sculptures, including night lamps, behind the shrine.

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Matsudo Bridge stone marker

This is where a bridge used to stand when there was a river running through here.

 ▼ approx. 4-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Ichinomiya Tenmangu Shrine (former site of Kajiwara Kagetoki’s house)

This is the former site of the house of Kajiwara Kagetoki, chief retainer of Minamoto no Yoritomo.

 ▼ approx. 1-min. walk(Prefectural Route 45) ▼

Intersection at the entrance to Ichinomiya Elementary School

Here you take Prefectural Route 47.

 ▼ approx. 7-min. walk(Prefectural Route 47) ▼

Hakkaku Square

This is the former site of Nishi-Samukawa Station on the Sagami Line.

Part of the rails from that time remain.

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk(Prefectural Route 47) 

Ichinomiya Fudodo

There is a signpost along the road and is inscribed with the word “Oyama-michi.”

 ▼ approx. 14-min. walk(Prefectural Route 47) ▼

Kamikawa Bridge

Along the bridge, you’ll find plates inscribed with the words “Oyama Kaido,” “Tamura Ferry,” and “To Enoshima,” as well as a bridge rail designed to resemble a ferry.

 ▼ approx. 3-min. walk 

Former Tamura Ferry site

If you cross the Kamikawa Bridge and walk downstream on the river bank, you’ll find stone monuments, informational signs, monuments inscribed with a poem, and other objects.

 ▼  approx. 2-min. walk 

Yasaka Shrine

If you walk upstream and go under the Kamikawa Bridge, you’ll find Yasaka Shrine and several stone sculptures. Among these, you’ll find a signpost that reads “Oyama-michi.”

 ▼ approx. 5-min. walk(Prefectural Route 47) ▼

Oyama signpost

Beside the Kyutamurajujiro Intersection, there is a signpost inscribed with the word “Oyama-michi.” In that same place, there is also the Juodo monument that was erected to memorialize those who died in battles on the Sagami River.

 ▼ approx. 2-min. walk 

Tamurajujiro bus stop

Take a left at the Kyutamurajujiro Intersection, and about two minutes down the road you will find the Tamurajujiro bus stop.

Part 2 ends here.

(Part 3 and more will be posted later.)


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