It is convenient to pay automatically through your bank!

You can pay your water and sewage charges automatically through your bank or postal account.
●We recommend you to apply for the automatic account transfer for your convenience.
●When you apply for it, please call The Customer Call Center or The Waterworks Bureau near you house.

When you move....

When you stop using water(move out), Please call The Customer Call Center.

Please tell the following.
(1)Your name or The customer’s number 
(2)Your address
(3)The day of moving 
(4)The method of payment
(5)New address and Your telephone Number 
 The Customer Call Center ☎0570-005959
 8:30 to 19:00(Monday to Saturday a holiday is excluded)
 【Caution】No staff can speak English in The Customer Call Center

The tap water is safe and low price! 

Our tap water is very safe, because we clear more than 150 inspection standard. So, you can drink water directly without boiling.
●And the tap water is low price. Tap water is 0.1 yen for 2 liters.

Let’s drink for health!

About 60% of our body is consisted of water.
●When you sweat, you need some water , otherwise you may suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.
●You should form a habit of drinking water frequently for health