Photo Topics (Mar. '21)

Protecting the Community!  “Active Koban” Now on Duty

   From April 2021, wagon-type vehicles with functions of koban, or police box, will start patrolling the community and set up koban on the route.  This mobile police box is named “Active Koban”.  Armed with a retractable awning, chairs and a desk, Active Koban goes on police patrol.  Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters plans to consolidate police boxes by 2029, and Active Koban was designed to prevent crimes and maintain security of the areas where police boxes will be closed.  You can find locations of Active Koban in the website of Kanagawa Prefectural Police.  Even if your area has no police box, Active Koban will keep watching over!

active koban





Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms of Mitsuike-koen Park

  Kanagawa Prefectural Mitsuike-koen is a park located in a green environment surrounding the three ponds, just like the name.  It is well known for its 1,600 cherry trees.  Besides Somei-yoshino, the typical kind of cherry trees in Japan, there are 78 species of cherries planted in the park.  This is why the cherry blossom viewing season lasts relatively long here.  In the premises, there is Korean Garden that was constructed to commemorate the establishment of friendly relations between Kanagawa Prefecture and Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.  A pair of Jang-Sung, deity of the Garden, were renewed just last Autumn.   The pair will be able to fully enjoy their first cherry blossom viewing this spring. 

mitsuike koen